In addition to research and service, the Center for Arctic Security and Resilience (CASR) provides support to a variety of Arctic education credentials and opportunities. Housed within the UAF College of Business and Security Management and serving under the leadership of the HSEM program, CASR is well-positioned to guide Arctic Security education-related opportunities and activities. The following represents the established Arctic Security-related programs and courses:

Masters of Security and Disaster Management (MSDM) - Arctic Security Concentration

The MSDM degree provides the educational basis and required skills for students to be successful in strategic and supervisory roles within homeland security and emergency management related fields and enables them to successfully enter the workforce at an advanced level of responsibilities, esp. with accrued experience.

  • Arctic Security Concentration

    • The arctic security concentration will help students to understand the Arctic’s unique economics and governance systems, making students better prepared to help analyze and strategize Arctic security-related issues. Courses include topics in strategies and operations, diplomacy, and international relations.

    • Complete the following in addition to the MSDM requirements:
      • HSEM F621 - Circumpolar Competition-Arctic Diplomacy and Defense
        • The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding on fundamentals involving global competition and how it relates to the Arctic. As a result, an understanding of Arctic Security can be developed through studies defined by the primary security management actors for global issues: diplomatic and defense officials.
      • HSEM F622 - Arctic Strategies and Operations
        • The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of northern national policies of the Arctic states as well as select non-Arctic states. Understanding Arctic national interests and strategies help inform defense authorities of critical Arctic issues required for diplomacy and security planning, regional dynamics, and complex international influences.
      • HSEM F692 - Security and Disaster Management Seminar
        OR  ACNS F652 - International Relations of the North


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Arctic Security Graduate Certificate

The Arctic Security Graduate Certificate provides students with the education and expertise to understand and better navigate the numerous security concerns impacting the Arctic region. The Arctic is a transforming region of climate, security, geopolitical and resilience-related developments where a comprehensive understanding of the region will prove essential for local, state, national, regional and international settings. An Arctic Security Graduate Certificate represents an accredited endorsement of advanced academic education and a more robust understanding of the operational context of the Arctic.

In addition to the UAF general university graduate certificate requirements, below are the requirements for the Arctic Security Graduate Certificate:

Arctic Security Program Requirements 12
Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
Complete the following:
HSEM F607 Vulnerability and Protection 3
HSEM F621 Circumpolar Competition-Arctic Diplomacy and Defense 3
HSEM F622 Arctic Strategies and Operations 3
Complete one of the following:  
HSEM F406 Comparative Homeland Security 3
HSEM F408 Homeland Defense and Security  3
HSEM F609 Human Security  3
HSEM F692 Security and Disaster Management Seminar  3
ACNS F652 International Relations of the North  3


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Arctic Security Fundamentals - an AlaskaX course with edX

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Arctic Security Fundamentals explores the security situation of the Arctic through a focus on the key stakeholders responsible for diplomacy and defense. Although the post-Cold War Circumpolar North has remained mostly stable, rapid changes in climate and technology have created new conditions requiring increased attention and management.

This course is for:

  • Security specialists interested in learning more about the Circumpolar North

  • Members of defense-related institutes and organizations who want to know more about international security and/or the Arctic

  • Professionals in industries that rely upon Arctic resources and knowledge

  • Undergraduate and graduate students who hope to specialize in regional studies

The course is completely free and designed to work with minimal internet and computer access. Additionally, the course is self-paced. The content represents about 6 weeks of normal university-level work, but participants have many months to complete the modest requirements.

To date, there have been over 700 students from several dozens of nations.

Enrollment is open all year.

In addition, CASR has contributed to the one of the newest courses in AlaskaX: Climate Change in Arctic Environments