Arctic Security

CAPS is supporting research on the subject of Arctic security across multiple scales and contexts.

"Security" can mean many things to many different people and organizations. For example, security can mean individual and household well-being, sustainable access to food sources, adaptability in the face of environmental and climate change, economic diversification in the face of fluctuating market forces, military capacity in a context of shifting global geopolitics, and much more.

In concert with various experts, Drs. Brandon Boylan and Jeremy Speight are working on this topic for CAPS, the results of which will be shared here in late 2020/early 2021. Both faculty are Associate Professors of Political Science and affiliated with Arctic and Northern Studies at UAF; Dr. Boylan is the program's Director.

Coastal erosion in Arctic Alaska
A collapsed block of ice-rich permafrost at Drew Point, AK. Credit: Benjamin Jones, USGS.
Iñupiaq children and elders participate in the Selawik Science-Culture Camp. Credit: AK Region Fish & Wildlife Service
Iñupiaq children and elders at Selawik Science-Culture Camp. Credit: AK Fish & Wildlife Service.
Partner nation's flags fly over Ice Camp Seadragon during Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2020.
Partner nations' flags fly over Ice Camp Seadragon during ICEX 2020. Credit: US Navy Mass Comms Specialist Michael B. Zingaro.