About Us

The Center for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS) is an interdisciplinary, globally-informed group rooted in Alaska’s Interior at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Housed within the International Arctic Research Center (IARC), we recognize the historical dimensions of policy contexts, the power of collaboration across disciplines and domains, and the use of integrative approaches towards problem-solving based on evidence-based practices and a positive outlook toward the future of Alaska and the Arctic. Our affiliates have expertise not only across traditional academic disciplines, but also related to Indigenous affairs, military security organizations, and different levels of governance.


About Our Work

Policy-makers need reliable and timely information about the Arctic, a region of rapid environmental, economic, and societal change. The Center for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS) facilitates sharing of the University of Alaska expertise in Arctic issues—ranging from natural resources to engineering to political science—with policy- and decision-makers. How do you prepare to respond to the circumstances? What information is needed to successfully navigate the uncertainty of a changing Arctic? Our center can provide you answers to these policy questions or connect you directly with people who have answers.  Our topical areas of interest include: