Degrees offered through the ceramics program include:


Ceramics Program

The Ceramics Program at UAF offers undergraduate through graduate courses in ceramics. Our curriculum encompasses the history, aesthetics, technology, and techniques from utilitarian to sculptural ceramics. For beginning students this program provides an overview of the medium and its possibilities. For the advanced student it fosters their development into aesthetically perceptive and technically proficient artists.

Art major Ian Wilkinson works on one of the approximately 1,000 ceramic bowls needed for his senior thesis project in the fine arts complex on the Fairbanks campus. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris



Selected Student Work




We have a 3500sq ft indoor facility with a complete array of equipment including seven kilns 20+ wheels and three clay mixers. We have a separate outdoor kiln facility at the Experimental Farm that has a large anagama, wood/ salt and fast/fire wood-burning kilns. Graduate studio space is in a separate building. We generally offer five classes per term.

The program also supports an active student group, the Student Ceramics Arts Guild which hosts a visiting artist program, scholarships and student activities.

We strive to develop an environment that promotes the art making process by creating and maintaining an open forum where group interaction encourages, challenges and fosters the creative experience.

UAF ceramics students and professor Jim Brashear pose for a portrait in front of the anagama, wood-fired kiln during a firing at the experimental farm early in the morning. | UAF Photo by JR Ancheta






Student Clubs




Jim Brashear

Jim Brashear

Professor of Ceramics


Teresa Shannon

Teresa Shannon

Adjunct Instructor in Ceramics


Holly Feder puts some finishing touches on a project in her summer sessions ceramics class in the UAF Fine Arts Complex. | UAF Photo by Todd Paris