Hopkins Fellowship: Announcement for 2024

The David and Rachel Hopkins Fellowship is designed to support University of Alaska graduate students conducting interdisciplinary research focusing on the Quaternary of Beringia or North Pacific Rim.

Map of Beringia

Fellowships of up to $2000  will be awarded for use up to 12 months after the award date. Funds may be used to cover tuition, supplies, equipment, or other research-related fees, excluding salary.

The fellowship is open to graduate students only. Preference will be given to students who have not received the Hopkins Fellowship before or if their proposed work is directly related to their Master’s or Ph.D. research.  Students may receive the award a maximum of twice during their graduate career at the University of Alaska.

To be eligible for the fellowship, the student must:

  • Graduate student and in good academic standing at the University of Alaska.
  • Conduct interdisciplinary Quaternary research over historic or geologic time scales.
  • Work on a project located within or relevant to Beringia or the North Pacific Rim.
  • Modern process studies are permitted, so long as the relevance to paleo research questions is clear and explicit.  Contact the AQC director or board members for more information.
  • Deliver a completed application packet as a pdf file (see email address below) to the AQC by 5pm, Tuesday, March 19, 2024.

To apply, submit the following to the AQC:

  • Completed application form (download application from here or contact Nancy Bigelow <nhbigelow@alaska.edu> for a copy).
  • A description of the research project (maximum of 2 pages).
  • A statement of permitting status.
  • An itemized budget and a budget justification.
  • Current C.V. (1 page limit) including name, contact information, education, teaching and other relevant experience, awards and honors, relevant presentations and publications.
  • An e-mail recommendation letter from a faculty supervisor or committee member (also due by the deadline - send to nhbigelow@alaska.edu).

Submit a pdf of the completed application packet to the AQC (the e-mail letter of recommendation can be sent separately). The file can be e-mailed to Nancy Bigelow (nhbigelow@alaska.edu).

We strongly recommend that you contact either the AQC director or other board members (Contact Info) if you are unsure whether your application is appropriate for the Hopkins Fellowship.