Past Speakers


 2017 and later

Year Speaker and Affiliation Title Links

Dr. Eske Willerslev, Lundbeck Foundation Professor, University of Copenhagen & Prince Phillip Professor,  University of Cambridge

Hunting for the Molecular Past:  From Trapping in Siberia to Studies of our Human History

Early Peopling of the Americas and the Ice Age Megafaunal Extinction--an Ancient Genomics Perspective

 University of Cambridge

Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen


Dr. Thomas McGovern, Hunter College, City University of New York

New Views of Viking Greenland-resilient, adaptive, but still extinct

Burning Libraries: Climate Threats to Heritage and the Archaeological Record



Speaker and Affiliation Title Links

Dr. Glen MacDonald

Department of Geography, UCLA
It's a Dry Heat - Climate Warming, the Pacific Ocean and Drought in Western North America UCLA profile page

Dr. Vance Holliday

Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona
The Earliest Colonizers of the New World: An Abrupt Cultural and Environmental End? University of Arizona profile page

Dr. James McCalpin

2013 Jahns Distinguished Lecturer in Engineering Geology
The Mountains are Falling Apart; A Spectrum of Mass Failures from Landslides through Deep-Seated Gravitational Spreading (Sackung), to "Unfolding" of Folds  



Speaker and Affiliation Presentation Links

Jon Erlandson

Museum of Natural and Cultural History, University of Oregon

Peopling of the Americas: A Pacific Rim Perspective

Vikings in Iceland: Sagas, Settlements, and Science in Mosfell Valley

University of Oregon profile page

Lutz Schirrmeister

Alfred Wegener Institute, Potsdam, Germany

Permafrost in Northeastern Siberia, 200,000-Year Archive of Climate Change

The Yedoma Suite of Northeast Siberia

Alfred Wegener Institute profile page

James Baichtal

Forest Geologist, Tongass National Forest

Paleogeography, Glacially Induced Crustal Movements & Late Quaternary Coastlines in Southeastern Alaska  



Speaker and Affiliation Presentation Links

John England

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta

A tale of two Arctic ice shelves: lessons learned from ancient and modern examples

Ongoing revision of the NW Laurentide ice Sheet: implications for paleoclimate, the northeast extremity of Beringia, and Arctic Ocean sedimentation

University of Alberta profile page

link to abstracts

Julie Brigham-Grette

Geosciences, University of Massachusetts

Arctic Immersion with Undergraduates in Kongsfjord, Svalbard

Successful recovery of 3.6 million years of Arctic history from Lake El'gygytgyn, Chukotka

Marine sea level and paleoceanography (including sea ice) of Bering Strait in context of Arctic regions

University of Massachusetts profile page

link to abstracts

John Jaeger

Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Florida

Gulf of Alaska glacier melting events and the connection to oceanic and atmospheric circulation

The Quaternary Marine Record of Bering Glacier Dynamics: Ice streams, Surges, and Outburst Floods

University of Florida profile page

link to abstracts


Speaker and Affiliation Presentation Links

Dr. David Montgomery

Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington

King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon.

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations.

Dave Montgomery was a 2009 recipient of a MacArthur "genius grant" and is a Professor of Geology.

Link to Dave's web page

Dr. Thomas H. McGovern

Dept. of Anthropology
Hunter College, NY

Extinction, Survival, and Sustainability- thresholds and conjunctures in the Viking North Atlantic

Human Ecodynamics in the North Atlantic- recent IPY results

Tom McGovern is a Professor of Anthropology whose research focuses on the North Atlantic.

Link to abstracts and Link to current research.

Dr. Mary Edwards

Geography School
University of Southampton

Climate change and wildfire: a long-term perspective

Describing Pleistocene Arctic plant communities using a new DNA barcoding technique

Mary Edwards is a Professor in Physical Geography whose research focuses on vegetation-climate-landscape interactions in the North.

Link to web page and Link to abstracts



Speaker and Affiliation Presentation Links
Dr. Susan Kaplan
Peary-Macmillan Arctic Museum
Bowdoin College, Maine

The Boilers Went to Pieces, the Ship was on Fire: Untold Stories of Robert E. Peary's North Pole Expeditions

From Forested Bays to Tundra-Covered Passes: Inuit and Transformation of the Labrador Landscape

Kaplan's web page
Dr. Joanne Bourgeois
Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington

Ten summers of paleoseismology in the Russian Far East -- earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and adventure on Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands

Does Kamchatcka belong to North America? This and other neotectonic questions addressed by tsunami and terrace studies

Jody Bourgeois' home page
Dr. Leonid Polyak
Byrd Polar Research Center Ohio State University

Paleoclimatic perspectives of the changing Arctic Ocean

Quaternary paleoceanography and glacial history of the Arctic Ocean

Leonid Polyak's home page



Speaker and Affiliation Presentation Links
Dr. Richard Reger
Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys, retired

A unifying model for last major glaciation in upper Cook Inlet region

Last major glaciation in western Kenai Peninsula lowland

Click this link to search for a list of publications at DGGS

Dr. Charles Schweger Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta

Where have all the Vikings gone? Abandonment of the Western Settlement, Greenland

Lost civilizations Based on the Fermentation of Cabbage or Perhaps my Unfinished Research will Inspire a Student or Two

Link to University of Alberta Dept. of Anthropology Emeriti
Dr. Charlie Paull
Senior Scientist at Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Moss Landing, CA

Pingo-Like Features on the Beaufort Sea Shelf and Decomposing Methane Gas

Recent Sediment Transport Events in the Monterey Canyon and Fan Channel

Profile page at MBARI
Gregory Hare Archaeologist, Yukon Heritage Resources Unit Yukon Alpine Ice Patches: Update on Recent Investigations 2004-2006 Yukon Archaeology Program
Dr. Grant Zazula
Yukon Palaeontology Program
Arctic Ground Squirrels of the Mammoth-Steppe Yukon Palaeontology Program



Speaker and Affiliation Presentations

Dr. Jerold Lowenstein

Ancient Bones and Bloodstains Yield Molecular Secrets

Identification of Species from Fossil and Forensic Tissues

Dr. Darrell Kaufman

Glacial History of the Ahklun Mountains, SW Alaska: Timing is Everything

Lake Core Research in Southern Alaska: New Records of Holocene Climate and Tephra

Dr. Fredrick Prahl

Alke-'Knowns' and 'Unknowns'

The Gulf of California and the Anatomy of its Euphotic Zone in Summer



Speaker and Affiliation Presentations
Dr. Jack Ives "The Apachean Departure from the Subarctic: Linguistic, Human Biological, and Archaeological Evidence"

Dr. Gifford Miller

"Ecosystem Collapse in Pleistocene Australia: Implications for a Human Role in Megafauna Extinction and Climate Change"

Dr. Feng Sheng Hu "History of Alaskan Boreal Forests: From DNA Input to Solar Output"


Previous years

Speaker and Affiliation Presentations

Arthur Dyke

Postglacial climate threshold events in the Canadian Arctic

Duane Froese

Ice Age gold, a mega-flood and reversal of Yukon River drainage in central Yukon and Alaska

Gary Haynes "Extinctions and human dispersals in North America's Late Glacial landscapes (south of Alaska)"

Dr. David Meltzer

"The Archaeology of the First Americans"
Dr. Dennis Darby "Opportunities In Arctic Paleoceanography, New Initiatives"
Thijs van Kolfschoten Out of Africa into Europe: Dating the Earliest Human Occupation of Europe