David and Rachel Hopkins Fellowship

David M. Hopkins

Throughout his long career with the United States Geological Survey and, subsequently, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, David M. Hopkins (1922-2001) conducted field work in remote regions of Alaska. His descriptions and interpretations remain crucial to understanding the state's geology and geologic history. Dave was also a gifted instructor and early champion of interdisciplinary research. His work revolutionized perceptions of the Bering Land Bridge as a migration corridor and laid the groundwork for paleoecological reconstructions of the Beringian subcontinent. His wife, Rachel, shared his love of the natural world and strongly supported his scientific endeavors.

As a tribute to their contributions, the David and Rachel Hopkins Scholarship is awarded to a UAF, UAA, or UAS graduate student conducting interdisciplinary Quaternary research in or on Beringia or the greater North Pacific Rim.

Fellowships are offered to students each academic year.

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David and Rachel Hopkins

David Hopkins

In honor of David and Rachel Hopkins, this fellowship supports students conducting interdisciplinary research focusing on the Quaternary of Beringia or the North Pacific Rim.