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Volume 3 (1), Complete Issue

"Edward William Nelson," M. Lantis

"Human Hair as a Decorative Feature in Tlingit Ceremonial Paraphernalia," E. L. Keithahn

"A Comparative Survey of Eskimo-Aleut Religion," G. H. Marsh

"Metaphysical Implications of the Folktales of the Eskimos of Alaska," J. R. Cumming


Volume 5 (2), Complete Issue

"The Eskimos, An American People," E. L. Larsen (ed.)

"A New Collection of Old Bering Sea Artifacts," W. Oswalt

"An Archaeological Reconnaissance of Nunivak Island, Alaska," W. N. Irving

Volume 6 (2), Complete Issue

"On the Naming of Birds by Eskimos," L. Irving

"Noatagmuit Eskimo Myths," C. Lucier

"Archaeological Discoveries on the Denali Highway, Alaska," I. Skarland and C. Keim


Volume 8 (2), Complete Issue

"Notes on the Economy and Population Shifts of the Eskimos of Southampton Island," J. W. VanStone

"Races of Mankind: Continental and Local," W. S. Laughlin

"Eskimos and Indians of Western Alaska 1861-1868: Extracts from the Diary of Father Illarion," W. Oswalt

"Recent Archaeological Work in the Chukchi Peninsula," C. S. Chard


Volume 12 (1), Complete Issue

"'The Eskimos' from the Peoples of Siberia," C. C. Hughes

"Additional Artifacts from Iliamna Lake, Alaska," J. B. Townsend and S. J. Townsend

"Some Traditional Songs of Alaskan Eskimos," L. D. Koranda

"Note on Prehistory of Southwestern Alaska," D. E. Dumond

"Interim Account of an Archaeological Survey in the Central Arctic, 1963," W. E. Taylor, Jr.