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Publication cover - The Dene-Yeniseian ConnectionThe Dene-Yeniseian Connection: Bridging Asia and North America (James Kari and Ben A. Potter)

  • 360 pages, 9 color map plates
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Part 1. The Evidence for Dene-Yeniseian

  • The Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis: An Introduction (Bernard Comrie)
  • A Siberian Link with Na-Dene Languages (Edward J. Vajda) 
  • Yeniseian, Na-Dene, and Historical Linguistics (Edward J. Vajda)

Part 2. The Interdisciplinary Context for Dene-Yeniseian

  • -Genes across Beringia: A Physical Anthropological Perspective on the Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis (G. Richard Scott and Dennis O’Rourke)
  • Archaeological Patterning in Northeast Asia and Northwest North America: An Examination of the Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis (Ben A. Potter)
  • The Palatal Series in Athabascan-Eyak-Tlingit, with an Overview of the Basic Sound Correspondences (Jeff Leer)
  • The Concept of Geolinguistic Conservatism in Na-Dene Prehistory (James Kari)
  • Dene-Yeniseian and Processes of Deep Change in Kin Terminologies (John W. Ives, Sally Rice, and Edward J. Vajda)
  • Selecting Separate Episodes of the Peopling of the New World: Beringian–Subarctic–Eastern North American Folklore Links (Yuri E. Berezkin)
  • Comparison of a Pair of Ket and Diné (Navajo) Myth Motifs (Alexandra Kim-Maloney)

Part 3. Commentaries on the Dene-Yeniseian Hypothesis

  • On the First Substantial Trans-Bering Language Comparison (Eric P. Hamp)
  • Proving Dene-Yeniseian Genealogical Relatedness (Johanna Nichols)
  • Yeniseian: Siberian Intruder or Remnant? (Michael Fortescue)
  • Transitivity Indicators, Historical Scenarios, and Sundry Dene-Yeniseian Notes (Andrej A. Kibrik)
  • Dene-Yeniseian, Phonological Substrata and Substratic Place Names (Willem J. de Reuse)
  • Dene-Yeniseian, Migration and Prehistory (John W. Ives)
  • The Dene Arrival in Alaska (Don Dumond) 


  • Appendix A Orthographic Conventions for Yeniseian and Na-Dene (compiled by James Kari)
  • Appendix B Symbols and Abbreviations

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