PhD at a glance

The primary focus of the PhD program is study of the prehistory, history and contemporary world of the people and cultures of the circumpolar North. We have an emerging secondary regional focus on Asia and faculty have additional regional specializations outside the circumpolar region. Students may concentrate on any of the four subfields of anthropology.

Ph.D. students will further develop and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of their subfield of concentration including its history, current theoretical perspectives, and research methodologies, as well as an in-depth understanding of topics directly related to their planned research project. They will furthermore be able to write fundable research proposals and produce professional reports, publishable papers, and books. Students will be able to independently design and conduct archival, laboratory and/or field research.

Current and prospective anthropology graduate students should also directly contact a member of the faculty that would potentially serve as a thesis advisor.

Need more information?

For more information on graduate studies in anthropology at UAF, please contact the Graduate Studies Director, Dr. Robin Shoaps (rashoaps @

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