Study groups

One hour of study group attendance is required each week for students enrolled in Chemistry classes up to and including CHEM 106X, and Math classes up to and including MATH 251X (Calculus 1).  If you are enrolled in both required math and chemistry classes, you will need to attend twice a week  to remain in "good standing" in the ANSEP Program. Study group meeting time and location will be announced during weekly ANSEP Meetings at the beginning of each semester.

Participating in study groups is an important activity in ANSEP.  They are NOT passive tutorials or recitations but are rather a mechanism to actively learn material through group problem solving.  The role of the study group leader is partly to keep you on track as you work problems but not to do the problems for you.  Nonetheless, if you are particularly lost on how to do a specific problem, then ask the study group leader for clarification.

If you cannot attend study group for any particular week, please contact your study group leader as well as the ANSEP administrative assistant, Robin Weinant ( to ensure your good standing in the program.