The Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education (SLATE) program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has produced a number of projects, theses, and dissertation which relate to the teaching of Alaska Native languages. These materials provide an important resource for educators, policy-makers, and language activists striving to strengthen Alaska Native language education program.

Funding for the SLATE program was provided by the US Department of Education.

See also: Piciryaramta Elicungcallra.

Partial List of SLATE resources at ANLA

Title: Storytelling in the Yup’ik Immersion Classroom
Contributor(s):  Augustine, Abby (author);

Title: Authentic Assessment in Action: The Challenges, Successes, and Discoveries Made in a Fifth Grade Classroom
Contributor(s):  Hendrickson, Kristen I. (author);

Title: A Parent's Choice
Contributor(s):  Hoffman, Jill (author);

Title: Focus on Form Through Singing in a First Grade Yugtun Immersion Classroom
Contributor(s):  Oulton, Naniruaq Carol (author);

Title: Yuraq: An Introduction to Writing
Contributor(s):  Samson, Angqss'aq Sally (author);

Title: Story Knife Prewriting Strategies for 2nd Grade
Contributor(s):  Cleveland, Kathy (author);

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