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Deed of Gift
Sample Deed of Gift form

As noted in the Archive acquisition policy, the value of the materials housed in the Alaska Native Language Archive derives at least in part from the comprehensive nature of the collection. The Archive welcomes the deposit of materials documenting the Native languages of Alaska. Potential depositors are encouraged to contact us well in advance of a planned deposit so that issues of digital copies, access restrictions, and curation can be discussed.

In archiving audio recordings ANLA assumes ownership only of the physical copy of the material being archived at ANLA. This is not a wider claim to intellectual property rights or ownership of contents of the recording. Ownership of the content of the recordings remains with the original speakers, their descendants, their communities, the depositor, and their representatives. ANLA is committed to honoring access restrictions requested by the recorder or depositor.

Depositors are asked to complete a Deed of Gift form outlining the nature of the deposit and specifying any access restrictions. A deed of gift form can be downloaded below. The form may be customized in consultation with the Archive director.

Deed of Gift Forms: Deed of Gift Main Form and Deed of Gift Supplement

The forms were last revised November 24, 2021.


Gift Policy

The University of Alaska is a 501c3 non-profit organization, and donations of rare books and manuscripts may be tax deductible. However, the Archive cannot legally perform appraisals for purposes of tax deductions for donors. Unsolicited, unordered materials sent with invoices are treated as gifts. For more information about gifting books and other publications to the Archive, contact the director.