About Bernard

UAF student ambassador Bernard
Student Ambassador

Hometown: Nunam Iqua, AK

Hey, my name is Bernard. 

I'm in my sophomore year of college and am an undeclared major at the moment. UAF offers great support when trying to figure out what you want to do. I was born and raised in Alaska and have yet to explore out of state. 

My hometown is Nunam Iqua, located in the lower Yukon area. For high school, I attended boarding school at Nenana City Public School. Since then, I’ve been rooted to the interior of Alaska, and that’s why I’m attending UAF. Going from a small village to a city was a huge change for me, but I found interest here at UAF. I also attended the Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI Summer Bridge Program) and connected with the staff at Rural Student Services (RSS), who helped make the campus a very comfortable place for me. 

I like to walk around campus for the great views of the mountains and the city. Feel free to reach out and ask questions about transitioning to UAF, or general questions about UAF.