Exploring Majors

UAF undergraduate students show off thier air guitar moves.

There are many reasons you may enter UAF as a General Studies major:

  • You've chosen "Undeclared Bachelors" on the application forms
  • You chose "Bachelor's Degree" but did not write in a major
  • You are seeking a major or degree that UAF does not offer
  • You have decided to wait and be sure about a major before declaring one
  • You have not met all of the specific admissions requirements for a particular major and need to fulfill those first

Students often ask, "Is it bad to be undeclared or exploratory?" There is not a simple "yes" or "no" answer. There are a number of things to keep in mind. To graduate in four years, it is best to decide on your specific major and never change that major until graduation. The reality is that, on average, students change their majors two to three times. Knowing this, students who are "undeclared or exploratory" may really be in a better position—they have been honest in recognizing they are not sure what career path or major they want to pursue.

The best thing an "undeclared or exploratory" or General Studies student can do is to immediately begin taking advantage of campus resources to assist you in choosing a major. There are two offices with trained professionals who will know the best way to help students determine options and directions leading to a UAF degree. These are the Academic Advising Center in room 509 Gruening Building and the Office of Career Services located in room 302 Eielson Building.

It is recommended that you have a pretty good idea of a major (or major choices) by the middle of your second semester and ideally have chosen one by your sophomore year. The sequencing of courses and possible prerequisites for many majors makes it important to not delay narrowing down the options. General studies students must declare their major or by the time they have earned 75 credits.

"Undeclared or exploratory" may mean it could take longer than 4 years to graduate. However, it may take longer than 4 years for any student to graduate, even if they enter UAF with a declared major. It is important to follow a route that will lead to a positive degree outcome and career path.