Frequently Asked Questions

Your academic advisor is connected to your current major. You can schedule an appointment with one of our advisors.

The Academic Advising Center advises students who are:

  • Undeclared
  • Pre-Majors
  • Non-Degree Seeking
  • Study Away
  • Pre-Professional
  • North Start Middle College
  • AHEAD programs for high school students
  • as well as Academically Disqualified students

If you are currently admitted to degree program that isn’t listed above, you can find your advisor HERE

A hold on your account can be frustrating. There are many reasons their might be a hold placed on your account. You can look at the hold(s) on your account through UAOnline

Login Click "Student Services and Account Information" Click "Student Records" finally, Click "View Holds"

Depending on who placed the hold determines who you need to contact to have it removed.

Common holds are:

  • Unpaid Parking Ticket- contact the Bursar's office to remove.
  • Unpaid Tuition via payment plan- contact the Bursar's office to remove.
  • Advising Hold- your advisor can remove this hold.
  • Title IX training- login to UAOnline and take the training, can't register until it's complete.
  • Transcript (official) Hold- send your Official transcript to the Registrar's Office, hold is removed when transcript is received.

When you are ready to declare or change your major

Not sure but are looking for some guidance? Make an appointment with our Career Services Advisor

The easiest place to view your schedule is on UAOnline-

Login Click "Student Services and Account Information"

Click "Registration"

  Scroll down to Post-Registration and Click "View Your Semester Schedule"

Select the semester you want to look at

We totally understand that there are many reasons you may need to make a change to your class schedule. You have the ability to make changes to your schedule up until the second Friday after the semester begins and get a full refund. You can also add a different class at the same time if you need to.

If you are receiving Financial Aid in any form we recommend talking with a Financial Aid advisor as well as your academic advisor prior to making changes to your schedule. Many financial aid packages require that a certain number of credits (full-time status is considered 12 credits) are met in order to receive the full payout amount. Falling below this credit requirement can result in financial consequences.

To add/drop a class (go to UAOnline) If you are unsure about how to add/drop classes your academic advisor is happy to help walk you through this process.

Please check with the official academic calendar to get the extact dates/deadlines for all things releated to add/drop/withdrawals.

DROP- can only drop a class up to the first two weeks of the semester, you can get a full refund for any dropped classes.

WITHDRAW- after the add/drop deadline all dropped classes are considered a withdrawal. Your transcript will include a (W) and you are still required to pay for this course in full.


eCampus has created a page for helping students determine if  their course will be using Canvas or Blackboard: https://ecampus.

If still in doubt it's best to contact your instructor. You can find their contact information by going to UAOnline-

Login Click "Student Services and Account Information"

Click "Registration"

  Scroll down to Post-Registration and Click "Student Detail Schedule"

Select the semester you want to look at

Your instructor's contact information is listed here.

Here are two simple ways to cancel/reshceule your appointment, even if it's on extremely short notice.

  1. You can call our office directly at (907) 474-6396 and speak directly with our Administrative Staff.
  2. You can cancel/reschedule your appointment through your Nanook Navigator Student Profile- go to (page 4) of this handout for more details.