Safety Coordination Committee

Police Advisory Board
Operations Support Team
Planning & Budget Committee 

The UAF Planning & Budget Committee (PBC) is charged with reviewing and assessing options provided by the Provost and Vice Chancellors. PBC recommendations will be made to the Chancellor's Cabinet in late spring, for discussion/implementation by the fiscal year end on June 30.

In FY15, the PBC agreed to guiding principles and a decision process that included Special Program Reviews.

The PBC additionally created a UAF Vision 2020 document to guide its deliberations. Vision for the future, strategies to achieve goals and areas that may be reduced as a result, are noted. The PBC recommends this for consideration by other university evaluation committees, as applicable.

Space Planning Committee

UAF strives to use office, classroom and lab space as efficiently as possible. Programs that need additional space or a different configuration of space should first work with their deans/directors to identify space within that unit’s current space allocation.

If adequate space cannot be identified with a unit’s allocation, the program may submit a request to the UAF Space Planning Committee. Comprised of UAF executive officer, the provost, vice chancellors and the interim vice chancellor for facilities services, the committee will work to identify space that might be suitable.

This committee meets once per month.

Safety Coordination Committee

Formed in January 2009, the Safety Coordination Committee provides a forum to discuss and coordinate university efforts to provide a safe, compliant workplace and serves as an advisory committee to the Chancellor. The committee’s primary task is to assist in the development, implementation and refinement of programs, policies and procedures that will enhance a safe working environment, and promote compliance with regard to applicable university, local, state and federal regulation.

Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services chairs the committee, and the director of Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management serves as the co-chair. Committee members include representatives from the following departments:

  • College of Rural and Community Development
  • Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability
  • Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management
  • Facilities Services
  • Faculty - Instruction
  • Faculty - Research
  • Fire Department/Office of Emergency Management
  • Human Resources
  • Nanook Technology Services
  • Office of Research Integrity
  • Police Department
  • Residence Life
  • Risk Management
  • University Relations

FY18 SCC Work Plan (PDF file opens in a new window)