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Gabrielli, Ralph B.--1980--Associate Professor, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (2001), and Associate Professor of Education (1987), CRA. State University of New York '65, B.A.; '66, M.S.; Syracuse University '71, Ph.D.

Ganguli, Rajive--1999--Associate Professor of Mining Engineering (2003), CEM. Osmania University, India '91, B.E.; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University '95, M.S.; University of Kentucky '99, Ph.D.

Gardner, Gayla A.--1996--Manager, University Technology Center (2000), VCAS. St. Martin's College '88, B.A.

Garza, Dolly A.--1983--Marine Extension Agent and Professor of Fisheries (1999), SFOS/MAP. University of Alaska '80, B.S.; University of Washington; 83, M.S.; University of Delaware '96, Ph.D.

Geagel, Michael R.--1995--Site Manager, Kasitsna Bay Laboratory (1995), SFOS/IMS.

Geiger, Amy Reed--1994--Manager, Visitor Services (1995), MUSEUM. University of Hawaii '85, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, M.A.

Genetti, Jon D.--2001--Associate Professor of Computer Science (2001), CNSM. Texas A&M '86, B.S.; '88, M.C.S.; '93, Ph.D.

Gering, Carol--1989--Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE. Southern Nazarene University '80, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '00, A.A.S.

Geringer, Dave--2004--Sports Information Director (2004), ATHREC. State University of New York -- University at Buffalo '79, B.A.

Gerlach, S. Craig--1988--Associate Professor of Anthropology (1995), CLA/MUSEUM. University of Oklahoma '75, B.A.; '77, M.A.; Brown University '89, Ph.D.

Getz, Martin--1982--Instructor of Mathematics (1982), CNSM. University of South Dakota '68, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '72, M.S.

Gharrett, Anthony J.--1976--Professor of Fisheries (1989), SFOS/JC. California Institute of Technology '67, B.S.; Oregon State University '73, M.S.; '75, Ph.D.

Gho, Carol Lee--2003--Instructor of Math and Science, Term Assistant Professor of Developmental Education (2003), CRA/IAC. Brigham Young University '69, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, M.S.

Gibson, Daniel D.--1970--Curatorial Assistant of Ornithology (1985), MUSEUM.

Gibson, Susan--1990--Web Developer (2000), UR. Barton College '81, B.S.

Gieck, Robert E.--1985--Research Associate (1986), INE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '82, B.S.; '86, M.S.

Gimbel, John G.--1987--Professor of Mathematics (1993), CNSM. Andrews University '77, B.S.; Western Michigan University '84, Ph.D.

Gladden, James N.--1985--Professor of Political Science (2001), CLA. Indiana University-Bloomington '72, B.A.; University of Houston, Texas '77, M.A. Indiana University-Bloomington '84, Ph.D.

Gleason, Thomas A.--1990--Accountant, Grant and Contract Services (1990), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks, B.B.A.; C.P.A.

Glodek, Garrett--2001--Term Assistant Professor of E Commerce (2001), NWC/CRA. University of Miami '73, B.S.; Northern Illinois University '79, M.S.

Goering, Douglas J.--1989--Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1999), CEM. University of Washington '81, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, M.S.; University of California, Berkeley '89, Ph.D.

Goering, Gregory E.--1990--Associate Dean (2004), and Professor of Economics (1998), SOM. University of Alaska '84, B.A.; '86, M.S.; Purdue University '88, M.S.; '90, Ph.D.

Goetz, Stephen--1996--Investigator (2000), VCAS. University of California, Santa Barbara '84, B.A.; Law Enforcement Academy, Fayetteville, North Carolina, '95

Gold, Carol--1980--Professor of History (1994) and Head, History Department (1998), CLA. Antioch College '64, B.A.; University of Wisconsin '67, M.A.; '75, Ph.D.

Goodman, Gerald--1998--Instructor of Drafting Technology, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE. Metropolitan State College '72, B.S.

Goodwin, Mary--2000--Assistant Professor (2001), CLA; and Instructor of Art, Independent Learning Program, CDE. University of California - Santa Cruz '75, B.A.; '79, M.A.; Boston University '90, Ph.D.

Gordon, Gretchen--2003--Director of Development and Outreach KUAC (2003), ACE. University of Texas at Austin '89, B.A.

Gorman, Robert F.--1991--Professor of Extension (2002) and Resource Development Agent (1991), CES. University of Massachusetts '67, A.A.; University of Arkansas '74, B.S.A.; Washington State University '77, M.S.

Goula, Crystal--1986--EMAS Coordinator (2003), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks '89, B.S.; '96, M.S.

Gradinger, Rolf R.--2001--Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2001), SFOS/IMS. University of Maine '81, B.S.; University of Kiel '89, M.S.; '89, Ph.D.

Grahek II, Michael E.--1989--Director for Procurement and Contract Services (2004), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, B.B.A.; C.P.M.

Gray, Patty A.--2003--Assistant Professor of Anthropology (2003), CLA. University of Michigan '82, B.A.; Southern Illinois University Carbondale '92, M.A.; University of Wisconsin Madison '98, Ph.D.

Greci, Dana--1997--Assistant Professor of Developmental Education, Mathematics and English (2004), CRA. Brown University '86, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, M.A.

Green, Thomas K.--2001--Professor of Chemistry (2001), CNSM. Kearney State College '77, B.S.; University of Tennessee '84, Ph.D.

Greenberg, Andrea--2002--Instructor of Sociology, Independent Learning Program (2002), CDE. Washington State University '87, B.A.; '90, M.A.

Greenberg, Joshua A.--1990--Associate Professor of Resource Economics (1995), SNRAS. University of Connecticut '82, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, M.A.; Washington State University '90, Ph.D.

Gregory, Gayle--1984--Associate Registrar, Degree Certificate and Graduation (2004), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks '80, B.B.A.

Griffith, Brad--1996--Associate Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Assistant Leader, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (1996), CNSM/IAB. University of Missouri-Columbia '69, B.A.; Oregon State University '77, M.S.; University of Idaho '88, Ph.D.

Grigg, Susan L.--1996--Interim Director, Rasmuson Library (2004), Professor of Library Science (1998) and Head, Alaska and Polar Regions Department (1996), LIB. Oberlin College '68, B.A.; University of Wisconsin '70, M.A.; '78, Ph.D.; Simmons College '93, M.S.L.I.S.

Grikurova, Alla--1990--Instructor of Russian (1990), CLA. St. Petersburg State University '79, M.A.

Grubich, Gayle--2004--Family Nurse Practitioner (2004), STUAFF. Eastern Washington University '76, B.S.N.; University of Alaska Anchorage '03, M.S.N.

Guo, Laodong--2000--Research Associate Professor (2002), IARC. Xiamen University '83, M.S.; Texas A&M University '95, Ph.D.

Grove, Robert A.--1989--Operations Manager (1991), GI. Chico State University '69, B.A.

Gustafson, Karen--2004--Term Assistant Professor of Music (2004), CLA. University of Victoria, Canada '87, B.M.; Northwestern University '91, M.M.; University of Minnesota '01, D.M.A.

Gustafson, Kathleen--1995--Instructor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (2001), CDE. Macalester College '89, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, M.S.

Guthridge, George--1990--Professor of English and General Studies (1999), BBC/CRA. Portland State University '70, B.A.; University of Montana '72, M.F.A.

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