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Abrams, Colleen L.--1987--Online Services Coordinator (2000), ENROLL. Washington State University '69, B.A.

Abramowicz, Kenneth F.--1994--Associate Professor of Accounting and Information Systems (2001), SOM. University of Tulsa '82, B.S., B.B.A.; '83, M.S.; University of Missouri-Columbia '91, Ph.D.; C.P.A.

Abreu, Jamie R.--2001--First Year Experience Coordinator (2004), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, B.A.

Adamczak, Carol--1993--Project Manager, Design and Construction Division (1993), FS. State University of New York '80, B.S.C.E.; P.E.

Adams, Sage--2004--Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems (2004), CDE. Lewis and Clark '99, B.A.; Capella University '83, M.S.

Adkins, Gary--1998--Instructor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (1999), CDE. Alice Lloyd College '69, A.A.; University of Kentucky '72, B.A.; '75, M.S.

Adkison, Milo D.--1996--Associate Professor of Fisheries (2003), SFOS/JC. University of California-Davis '84, B.S.; Montana State University-Bozeman '89, M.S.; University of Washington-Seattle '94, Ph.D.

Akasofu, Syun-Ichi--1958--Director, IARC (1998) and Professor of Geophysics (1964), GI. Tohoku University '53, B.S.; '57, M.S.; University of Alaska '61, Ph.D.

Aldrich, B.J.--2001--Physician (2001), STUAFF. University of Alaska '83, B.B.A.; University of Washington School of Medicine '96, M.A.; Family Practice Residency '00.

Aleshire, Anne--1999--Fiscal Officer (1999), LIB. University of Montana '82, B.S., B.A.

Alexander, Vera--1965--Special Assistant to the Provost (2004); and Professor of Marine Science (1974), SFOS/IMS. University of Wisconsin '55, B.A.; '62, M.S.; University of Alaska '65, Ph.D.

Alexeev, Vladimir--2002--Research Associate Professor (2002), IARC. Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology '84, M.S.; '88, Ph.D.

Alexie, Oscar--1983--Instructor of Yup'ik Eskimo (1993), KUC/CRA.

Alexie, Sophie--1983--Instructor of Yup'ik Eskimo (1993); Adjunct Faculty and Research Associate (1989), KUC/CRA. Kuskokwim Community College '78, A.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, B.Ed.

Allee, Brian J.--2003--Director, Alaska Sea Grant College Program (2003), SFOS. University of California, Berkeley '65, B.A.; University of Washington '74, Ph.D.

Allen, James--1996--Professor of Psychology (2003), CLA. University of Wisconsin '81, B.A.; University of Montana '88, M.A.; '90, Ph.D.

Allen, Jane--1983--Term Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1998), KUC/CRA. Indiana University '72, B.A.; '75, M.S.

Allen, Lina--2004--Receptionist and Switchboard Operator (2004), STUAFF.

Allen, Mitchell--1995--Assistant Professor of Diesel/Heavy Equipment (2002), TVC/CRA. Oakland City College '64, Certificate Diesel Mechanics.

Alleyne-McCants, Jackie--2003--Financial Aid Advisor (2003), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, B.A.

Alton, Tom--1989--Editor, Alaska Native Language Center (1989), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, B.A.; University of Montana '83, M.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, Ph.D.

Amason, Alvin--1992--Associate Professor of Art (1999), CLA. Central Washington University '74, M.A.; Arizona State University '76, M.F.A.

Anahita, Sine--2003--Assistant Professor of Sociology (2003), CLA. Iowa State University '97, B.S.; '00, M.S.; '03, Ph.D.

Anderl, Robert--1990--Instructor of Library Science, Independent Learning Program (1995), CDE. Syracuse University '62, B.A.; '65, M.S.; University of Tulsa '86, Certificate in Management.

Anderson, Betty--1985--Instructor of Biology, Independent Learning Program (1985), CDE. University of Arizona, Tucson '76, B.S.; '78, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, M.S.

Anderson, Jodie M.--2003--Term Instructor of Extension, Curriculum Coordinator (2003), CES/CRA. University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill '92, B.S.; Brown University '94, M.A.

Anderson, Lydia M.--1974--Director, Wood Center (2001), STUAFF. Cuesta College, A.A.

Anderson-Misel, Lillian--2000--Admissions Assoicate (2000), ENROLL. Western Washington University '94, B.A.

Andrew, Lynne--2003--Head Women's Basketball Coach (2003), ATHREC. Montana State University '91, B.S.; Idaho State University '02, M.S.

Andrews, Russel D.--2002--Research Assistant Professor (2002), IMS. University of California at Los Angeles '90, B.S.; University of British Columbia, Vancouver '99, Ph.D.

Andrews, Susan B.--1989--Professor of General Studies and Professor of Journalism (2001), CC/CRA. Smith College '81, B.A.; University of Oregon '83, M.A.

Angaiak, Andrew P.--1978--Director, Upward Bound Program (1982), STUAFF. Washington State University '76, B.A.; University of Washington '78, M.S.W.

Anger, Andreas--1994--Assistant Professor of Applied Business (2002), TVC. University of Nebraska '90, M.B.A.; University of Bayreuth, Germany '91, Diploma.

Anger, Donna--1997--Assistant Director, International Programs (2001), PROV. University of Nebraska-Lincoln '87, B.A.; '90, M.A.

Antohin, Anatoly--1989--Associate Professor of Theatre (1989), CLA. Institute of Cinematography, U.S.S.R. '75, M.F.A.

Aoki, Miho--2001--Assistant Professor of Computer Art (2001), CLA. Aichi University, Japan '91, B.Ed.; Ohio State University '98, M.F.A.

Aragon-Stewart, Kimberly--1991--Instructor of Spanish (1999), CLA; Instructor of Linguistics, Independent Learning Program (2002), CDE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, B.A.; '94, M.Ed.

Arundale, Robert--1979--Professor of Communication (2000), CLA. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '63, B.S.; '64, M.S.; Michigan State University '71, Ph.D.

Arundale, Wendy H.--1979--Senior Research Associate (1979), IAB. Brown University '67, A.B.; Michigan State University '72, M.A.; '76, Ph.D.

Aruskevich, Kas--1998--Development Director (2003), CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, B.Ed.; University of Alaska Anchorage '97, M.Ed.

Asbury, Margaret A.--1992--Associate Archivist; Associate Curator (1998), LIB. Old Dominion University '84, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, M.A.; University of Texas at Austin '97, M.L.I.S.

Ashbrook, Paul E.--1994--Senior Instructor (1994), CLA.

Aspnes, John D.--1978--Interim Dean (2004), CEM. University of Wisconsin '65, M.S.; Montana State University '76, Ph.D.; P.E.

Athanas, Janet--1993--4-H and Youth Development Educator, City of Bethel (1996), CES.

Atkinson, David--2004--Assistant Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2004), IARC/CNSM. Carlton University '89, B.S.; '92, M.A.; University of Ottawa '00, Ph.D.

Atkinson, Shannon K.--2000--Professor of Marine Science (2000), SFOS/IMS. University of Hawaii at Manoa '78, B.Sc.; '81, M.Sc.; Murdoch University '85, Ph.D.

Avdonin, Sergei A.--2001--Professor of Mathematics (2001), CNSM. St. Petersburg State University '72, B.S.; '77, Ph.D.

Ayagarak, Nancy--1989--Instructor (1989), KUC/CRA. University of Washington, B.A.; Western Oregon State University '83, M.S.

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