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Kaiser, Janet--2003--Adult Basic Education Village Coordinator (2003), KUC/CRA. University of Washington '02, B.A.

Kamerling, Leonard J.--1980--Associate Professor of English (2004) CLA, Curator, Alaska Center for Documentary Film (1999), MUSEUM. Franconia College '65, A.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, M.F.A.

Kane, Douglas L.--1971--Professor of Water Resources and Civil Engineering (1986), CEM; Director, Institute of Northern Engineering, WERC/INE. University of Wisconsin '66, B.S.C.E.; '68, M.S.C.E.; University of Minnesota '75, Ph.D.; P.E.

Kaplan, Lawrence D.--1974--Director, Alaska Native Language Center (2000); Head, Alaska Native Language Program (2000); Professor of Linguistics (2001), CLA. University of California, Berkeley '72, B.A.; University of California, San Diego '74, M.A.; '79, Ph.D.

Karlsson, Meriam--1988--Professor of Horticulture (2002), SNRAS. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences '79, B.S.; Michigan State University '84, M.S.; '87, Ph.D.

Karr, Forrest--2004--NCAA Compliance Coordinator (2004), ATHREC. University of Notre Dame '99, B.B.A.; University of Wisconsin '04, J.D.

Kaspari, Phillip--1998--Instructor, Agriculture Extension Agent (2000), CES. North Dakota State University -- Fargo '84, B.S.

Kawagley, Oscar--1987--Associate Professor of Education (1996), SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '58, B.Ed.; '68, M.Ed.; '87, Ed.S.; University of British Columbia '93, Ph.D.

Kawula, John D.--1998--Government Documents and Map Librarian (1998), LIB. Trent University '74, B.A.; Emory University '75, M.L.N.

Kaynor, Carol A.--1993--Web Coordinator (2000), SFOS/SG. Vermont College '89, B.A.

Keele, Vicki--1991--Coordinator, Career Focus (1994), KUC/CRA. Alaska Pacific University '83, B.A.

Keeler, Alan--1997--Patrol Officer (1997), VCAS. Alaska Law Enforcement Training Academy '95.

Kehoe, Bradley C.--2002--Grant Manager of BNC Worker's Academy (2000), KUC/CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '68, B.A.; '98, M.A.

Keller, John W.--1979--Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (1991), CNSM. Ohio State University '68, B.S.; University of Wisconsin '76, Ph.D.

Keller, Sue--1983--Editor (1989), SFOS/SG. Ohio State University '67, B.S.; University of Wisconsin '78, M.S.

Kelley, John J.--1969--Professor of Marine Science (1993), SFOS/IMS. Pennsylvania State University '58, B.S.; University of Nagoya, Japan '74, Ph.D.

Kenaston, Amy--1999--Term Assistant Professor of Education (2004), SOE. Brown University '92, B.A.; University of Colorado, Denver '95, M.A.

Kenny, Tristan--2002--Research Professional (2003), INE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '99, B.S.; '02, M.S.

Kerr, Marianne L.--2003--Assistant Professor of Extension, 4-H and Youth Development Agent (2003), CES. University of Minnesota '74, B.A.; University of Alaska Anchorage '01, M.Ed.

Kersey, Beth--2002--Assistant Clinical Professor of Social Work and Assistant Professor of Human Services (2002), KUC/SWK/HSV. Western State College '78, B.A.; University of Idaho '87, M.S.; University of San Francisco '93, M.R.A.

Keskinen, Mary J.--1984--Associate Professor of Geology (1991), CNSM. Smith College '73, B.A.; Stanford University '79, Ph.D.

Khairoutdinov, Rafail--2002--Professor (2002), CNSM. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Khataniar, Santanu--1991--Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering (2000), CEM. Indian School of Mines '83, B. Tech.; University of Texas '85, M.S.; '91, Ph.D.

Kielland, Knut--1982--Research Associate (2000), IAB. University of Alaska Fairbanks '82, B.S.; '90, Ph.D.

Kienenberger, Donavan--1989--HPC Systems Programmer/Analyst I (2002), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '02, B.S.

Kim, Yong-won--2004--Research Assistant Professor (2004), IARC. Pukyong National University, Korea '85, B.S.; '92, M.S.; Hokkaido University '98, Ph.D.

King, G. Larry--1993--Lecturer (1993), CEM. University of Alaska Anchorage '91, B.S.; P.L.S.

King, Gretchen--2001--Publications Coordinator (2003), UR. University of Colorado at Boulder '92, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, M.A.

Kingsley, Ilana--2003--Assistant Professor of Library Science (2003), LIB. Oneonta State University '88, B.A.; Syracuse University '91, M.I.L.S.

Kirk, K. Leslie--1989--Instructor of Geography, Independent Learning Program (1989), CDE. University of Utah, B.S.; M.S.

Kirland, Zenaida--2003--Medical Assistant (2003), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks '02, A.A.S.

Kitaysky, Alexander "Sasha”--2003--Assistant Professor of Biology (2003), CNSM/IAB. Irkutsk State University, Russia '84, B.S.; '86, M.S.; University of California, Irvine '96, Ph.D.

Kleinfeld, Judith S.--1969--Professor of Psychology (1978), CLA. Wellesley College '66, B.A.; Harvard University '67, Ed.M.; '69, Ed.D.

Kleven, Bonnie--1983--Buyer (1988), VCAS.

Klippenstein, Wade--2004--Assistant Hockey Coach (2004), ATHREC.

Kline, Romina--2001--Instructor of English, Independent Learning Program (2002), CDE. University of Wisconsin '88, B.S.; '94, M.S.

Kljaich, Lisa J.--2000--Instructor of Music (2000), Instructor of Art/Music/Theatre, Independent Learning Program (2001), CDE. DePauw University '83, B.A.; University of St. Thomas '95, M.A.

Knavel, Brenda S.--1979--Manager, Systems (2000), DCC. Shippensburg State College '76, B.S.; Western Michigan University '78, M.S.L.

Knight, Doug--2004--IS Professional 3 (2004), DCC.

Knoke, Peter J.--1988--Associate Professor of Computer Science (1988), CNSM; and Instructor of Computer Science, Independent Learning Program, CDE. Dartmouth College '55, B.A.; '56, M.S.E.E.; Syracuse University '68, Ph.D.; P.E.

Knox, Jo--1987--IS Professional 4 (1987), DCC.

Koch, Rhonda L.--1999--Adjunct Professor of Psychology (2000), CLA. University of North Carolina, Charlotte '93, B.A.; University of South Dakota '95, M.A.; '99, Ph.D.

Koester, David C.--1999--Associate Professor of Anthropology (2003), CLA. Carleton College '79, B.A.; University of Chicago '84, M.A.; '90, Ph.D.

Kofinas, Gary P.--1996--Assistant Professor (2003), IGERT Program Coordinator (2002), IAB. University of North Carolina Greensboro '75, B.A.; Antioan/New England Graduate School '78, M.S.T.; University of British Columbia '98, Ph.D.

Konar, Brenda--1999--Associate Professor of Marine Science (2004), SFOS/GURU. San Jose State University '86, B.A.; Moss Landing Marine Laboratories '91, M.S.; University of California, Santa Cruz '98, Ph.D.

Kornkven, Edward A.--2002--User Services Specialist (2002), ARSC. University of Wyoming '80, B.S.

Koskela, Rebecca--2004--Bioinformatics Specialist (2004), ARSC. New Mexico State University '72, B.S.; '75, M.S.; '81, M.S.

Koverola, Catherine--2003--Chair, Department of Psychology (2004), Professor of Psychology (2003), and Director, Community Psychology Program (2003), CLA. University of British Columbia '81, B.S.; University of Western Ontario '84, M.A.; Fuller Theological Seminary '88, M.A.; '89, Ph.D.

Kowalik, Zygmunt--1981--Professor of Marine Science (1989), SFOS/IMS. Moscow University '61, M.S.; Institute of Water Engineering, Polish Academy of Sciences, Gdansk '65, Ph.D.

Kramer, Donald E.--Professor of Fisheries (1984), and Seafood Technology Specialist (1980), SFOS/MAP. Ohio State University '60, B.S.; University of California, Davis '62, M.A.; '67, Ph.D.

Krause, William R.--1989--Hazardous Materials Supervisor (1993), VCAS. Westmar College '73, B.S.; C.H.M.M.

Krier, Gregory D.--1996--Executive Officer (2004), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, B.B.A.; '97, M.B.A.

Krupa, Beverly--2001--Assistant Volleyball Coach (2001), ATHREC. Purdue University '00, B.A.

Kruse, Gordon H.--1994--Professor of Fisheries (2001), SFOS/JC. Rutgers University '77, B.S.; Oregon State University '81, M.S.; '83, Ph.D.

Kuhn, Thomas B.--1998--Assistant Professor of Biochemistry (2004), CNSM. University of Zurich, Switzerland '85, B.S.; '91 Ph.D.

Kuss, Herbert--1991--Instructor of Applied Business, Independent Learning Program (1998), CDE. University of San Francisco '70, B.S.; University of Pacific McGeorge '74, J.D.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, M.B.A.

Kwachka, Patricia--1979--Professor of Anthropology/Linguistics and Alaska Native Studies (2000), CLA. University of Florida, Gainsville '64, B.A.; '70, M.A.; '82, Ph.D.

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