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Wackerbauer, Renate--2001--Assistant Professor of Physics (2001), CNSM. Technical University, '90, Diploma; Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics '95, Ph.D.

Wagaman, Jenn--1998--Public Affairs Coordinator (2001), Adjunct Instructor (2001), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, B.A.; '00, M.A.

Wagner, Diane--2002--Assistant Professor of Biology (2002), CNSM/IAB. University of California, Berkeley '86, B.A.; Princeton University '94, Ph.D.

Walker, Donald H. (Skip)--1999--Professor of Geobotany (2001), CNSM/IAB. University of Colorado, Boulder '72, B.A.; '77, M.A.; '81, Ph.D.

Wallace, Wesley K.--1985--Professor of Geology (1995), CNSM/IAB. Rice University '72, B.A.; University of Washington '76, M.S.; '81, Ph.D.

Walsh, Daniel E.--1982--Professor of Mineral Preparation Engineering (1999), CEM. University of Alaska '81, B.S.; '85, M.S.; P.E.

Walsh, John E.--2001--President's Professor of Global Climate Change (2001), IARC. Dartmouth College '70, B.S.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology '74, Ph.D.

Walters, Laurel L.--1988--Senior Research Associate in Medical Entomology (1988), IAB. University of California Riverside '71, B.A.; '76, M.S.; University of California Davis '83, Ph.D.

Wang, Jia--2004--Research Associate Professor of Marine Science (2004), IARC. Ocean University of Qingdao, China '79, B.Sc.; '83, M.Sc.; McGill University '93, Ph.D.

Ward, Charles B.--1991--Director, Utilities Division (1991), FS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '86, B.S.E.E.; P.E.

Ward, Marie--1995--Assistant to the Museum Director (1997), MUSEUM. Chico State College '58, B.A.

Ward, Penelope H.--1995--Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychology (1995), CLA. Catholic University '70, B.S.N.; University of California, San Francisco '72, M.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, Ph.D.

Warley, Timothy--2002--Assistant SRC Manager/Assistant Intramural Director (2002), ATHREC. B.A.

Watkins, Brenton J.--1980--Professor of Physics (1991), CNSM/GI. University of Adelaide '68, B.S.; La Trobe University '72, M.S.; University of Alaska '74, Ph.D.

Watts, Sherman--2003--IS Professional 3 (2003), DCC. B.S.

Weber, Jane--1996--Associate Professor of Developmental Mathematics (2003), CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, B.S.; '91, M.S.

Webster, Joan Parker--2000--Assistant Professor of Education (2000), SOE. University of Houston '91, B.S.; Western Washington University '97, M.Ed.; University of Houston '00, Ed.D.

Weflen, Arvid--1980--Professor of Airframe and Powerplant/Aviation Technology (2002), TVC. St. Cloud State College '71, B.S.

Weingartner, Thomas J.--1988--Associate Professor of Marine Science (1999), SFOS/IMS. Cornell University '74, B.S.; University of Alaska '80, M.S.; North Carolina State University '89, Ph.D.

Weise, John--1999--Assistant Professor, Director of REPP (1999), SOE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, B.Ed.; '78, M.Ed.; University of Oregon, Eugene '90, Ph.D.

West, Michael--2004--Research Assistant Professor of Volcano Seismology (2004), GI. Colorado College '93, B.A.; Columbia University '01, Ph.D.

Whalen, Michael T.--1995--Associate Professor of Geology (2001), CNSM/GI. Rutgers University '82, B.A.; University of Montana '85, M.S.; Syracuse University '93, Ph.D.

Wheat, C. Geoffrey--1994--Research Professor of Marine Science (2004) and Regional Coordinator (1994), SFOS/WCPR, GURU. University of New Hampshire '83, B.S.; University of Washington '86, M.S.; '90, Ph.D.

Wheeler, Robert A.--1997--Associate Professor of Forestry Extension (1997), CES. Oregon State University '73, B.S.; Colorado State University '78, M.S.; Oregon State University '86, B.S.; Purdue University '93, Ph.D.

Wheeler, Walker--2003--IS Professional 3 (2004), DCC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '01, B.S.

White, Daniel--1993--Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2004), Department Chair, CEE (2004), and Coordinator for Environmental Engineering and Environmental Quality Science (2001), CEM. Colorado College '90, B.A.; Washington University '91, B.S.; University of Notre Dame '95, Ph.D.; P.E.

Whitehorn, Joyce--1998--Executive Officer (1998), SOM. University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, A.A.; '97, B.A.; '97, B.B.A.; '98 M.B.A.

Whitledge, Terry E.--1998--Professor of Marine Science (1998), SFOS/IMS. Western Illinois University '64, B.S.; '66, M.S.; University of Washington '72, Ph.D.

Whitney, Jim--2000--Archaeology Collection Manager (2000), MUSEUM. Cornell University '97, B.S.; University of Washington '00, M.A.

Whittle, Crystal--2004--Fiscal Technician (2004), STUAFF.

Wichmann, Henry--1980--Professor of Accounting and Information Systems (1986), SOM. University of Denver '62, B.S.; Colorado State College '64, M.A.; University of Northern Colorado '72, Ph.D.; C.P.A.

Wiechen, Heinz--2004--Associate Professor of Space Physics (2004), CNSM/GI. Ruhr-University Bochum '85, Diploma; '89, Ph.D.

Wiener, Debbie L.--1998--Resident Director (1998), STUAFF. University of Minnesota '96, B.A.

Wiens, Jonathan J.--1996--Associate Professor of Mathematics (2001), CNSM. University of Oregon '85, B.S.; '96, Ph.D.

Wies, Richard--1999--Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1999), CEM. University of Wyoming '92, B.S.; '95, M.S.; '99, Ph.D.

Wiesenburg, Denis A.--2004--Dean, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (2004) and Professor of Marine Science (2004), SFOS. Duke University '70, B.S.; Old Dominion University '75, M.S.; Texas A & M University '80, Ph.D.

Wild, Cindy--2004--Benefits Coordinator (2004), VCAS. University of Waterloo, Canada '97, B.A.

Willert, Ann T.--1989--Fiscal Officer (1989), KUC/CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks Kuskokwim Campus '93, A.A.; '99, B.A.

Williams, Frank L.--1992--Director, ARSC (1996) and Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering (1992), CEM. Northwestern University '68, B.S.; Stanford University '70, M.S.; '73, Ph.D.

Williams, LaJuana K.--2001--Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Affairs (2001), STUAFF. Northern Illinois University '84, B.S.; '89, M.S.Ed.; '96, Ed.D.

Wilm, Helga--1968--Executive Officer for Administration (1999), IARC.

Wilner, Eduardo M.--1999--Assistant Professor of Philosophy (1999), CLA. University CA, Argentina '85, Lic.; University of Manitoba '88, M.S.; University of Guelph '90, M.A.; '95, Ph.D.

Wilson, Crystal D.--1990--Coordinator -- Tok Center (1998), IAC/CRA. A.A.S.

Wilson, Emily Ipalook--2002--Instructor of Inupiaq (2002), ANLC. University of Alaska '75, B.A.; '96, B.A.; '90, M.Ed.

Wilson, Margaret--2003--Instructor, Allied Health (2003), CRA. Sacred Heart School of Nursing, Spokane, WA.

Wilson, Pauline Gunter--1979--Term Assistant Professor of Library Science (2001), LIB. Wheaton College '66, B.A.; Columbia University '78, M.L.S.

Winker, Kevin S.--1997--Associate Professor of Biology and Curator of Ornithology (2001), CNSM/MUSEUM. University of Minnesota '84, B.A., '84, B.S., '88, M.S., '91, Ph.D.

Wisen, Craig--2002--Assistant Professor (2002), SOM. University of North Carolina '87, B.A.; Indiana University '89, M.B.A.; '02, Ph.D.

Witmer, Dennis--1994--Research Assistant Professor (1998), CEM/INE. Millersville University '80, B.S.; University of Pennsylvania '85, Ph.D.

Witte, William--1998--Computer and Lab Coordinator (1998), CNSM. Carleton College '78, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '82, M.S.; Columbia University '91, M.Ph.; '91, Ph.D.

Wohlford, Cameron M.--1998--Project Manager, Design and Construction Division (1998), FS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, B.S.C.E.

Wolsko, Christopher--2002--Assistant Professor of Psychology (2002), CLA. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '94, B.S.; University of Colorado '98, M.S.; '01, Ph.D.

Wolter, Bjørn--2001--Assistant Professor of Biology (2001), CRA. Western Washington University'98, B.S.; '00, M.S.

Woolford, Katrina--2000--Textbook Coordinator, Bookstore (2000), STUAFF.

Wooller, Matthew J.--2002--Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2002), SFOS/IMS/INE. Worcester University, U.K. '93, B.S.; University of Wales Bangor, U.K. '95, M.S.; University of Wales Swansea, U.K. '99, Ph.D.

Wright, Miranda H.--2002--Assistant Professor, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (2002) and Academic Program Head (2003), CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, B.A., '95, M.A.

Wrightsman, Lynn A.--1995--Office Manager, Financial Services (1998), VCAS.

Wu, Jingfeng--2001--Research Associate Professor (2001), IARC. Qingdao Ocean University, China '83, B.S.; Xiamen University, China '86, M.S.; University of Delaware '95, Ph.D.

Wynne, Kathleen M.--1988--Associate Professor of Marine Biology (1996), SFOS/MAP. University of Idaho '77. B.S.; '81, M.S.

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