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Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Ma, John--1999--Associate Professor of Civil Engineering (2004), CEM. Shijiazhuang Railway Institute '84, B.S.; Southwest Jiaotong University '87, M.S.; University of Nebraska - Lincoln '98, Ph.D.; P.E.

Maas, Becky S.--1996--Assistant Director of Residence Life for Leadership and Education (1998), STUAFF. Saint Olaf College '94, B.A.

Machida, Richard--1984--Associate Director, Division of Computing and Communications (2000), and Telecommunications/Network Manager (1990), DCC. California State Polytechnic University-Pomona '81, B.S.

MacMillan, Tavis R.--1996--Head Hockey Coach (2004), ATHREC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, B.B.A.

Madison, Curt--2002--Director, Center for Distance Education (2002), CDE. Stanford University '71, B.A.; University of Hawaii '76, M.A.; University of Arizona '99, Ph.D.

Madsen, Eric--1983--Dean (2004) and Associate Professor of Education (2003), SOE. Kalamazoo College '68, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '79, M.A.T.; University of Oregon '83, Ph.D.

Maginnis, Tara--1990--Associate Professor/Costumer (1997), CLA. San Francisco State University '81, B.A.; California State University, Fresno '85, M.A.; University of Georgia '91, Ph.D.

Mamoon, Trina R.--1998--Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages (1998), CLA. People's Friendship University, Russia '84, M.A.; '93, M.A.; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '97, Ph.D.

Manfredi, Renée--1994--Associate Professor of English (2001), CLA. University of Pittsburgh '86, B.A.; Indiana University '91, M.F.A.

Mangano Jr., William F.--2000--Professor of Military Science and Department Head (2000), CLA. Framingham State College '75, B.A.; Assumption College '77, M.A.; Western New England College '83, M.B.A.

Mangusso, Mary Childers--1966--Affiliate Associate Professor of History (1998), CLA. University of New Mexico '63, B.A.; '66, M.A.; Texas Tech University '78, Ph.D.

Margraf, F. Joseph--1999--Professor of Fisheries (1999) and Unit Leader, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (1999), SFOS, IAB. Cornell University '70, B.S.; Texas A&M University '77, M.S.; '78, Ph.D.

Marlow, Patrick E.--1995--Assistant Professor of Linguistics (2002), CLA. University of Wisconsin - Madison '89, B.A.; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign '91, M.A.; '97, Ph.D.

Marr, Wayne--2004--Dean, School of Management (2004), SOM. Texas Tech University '77, B.A.; '80, M.A.; '83, Ph.D.

Marschner, Jamie--1996--User Services Consultant (2002), ARSC. Colorado State University '77, B.S.; University of Colorado '89, M.S.

Martin, Wanda--1984--Associate Dean of Enrollment Management (2003), ENROLL. Portland State University '68, B.S.; '69, M.S.T.; Oregon State University '76, Ed.D.

Martinez, Raymond L.--1990--Launch Officer, Poker Flat Research Range (1990), GI.

Mashburn, Kendall L.--2001--Research Associate (2004), SFOS/ IMS. Cornell University '90, B.S.

Mason Jr., Gordon J.--1990--Associate Professor of General Studies (2001), NWC/CDE; and Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program, CDE. University of Notre Dame '74, B.A.; Iowa State University '89, M.A.

Mason, Charles W.--1990--Professor of Photojournalism (1999), CLA. Washington and Lee University '84, B.S.; Illinois State University '88, M.S.

Massa, James--1998--Instructor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE. Wagner College '81, B.S.; Franklin Pierre College '89, Teaching Certificate; University of Alaska Fairbanks '95, M.S.

Matsuno, Mike--1998--Instructor of Japanese (1998), CLA. Willamette University '81, B.A.; University of Hawaii '92, M.A.; Doshisha University '94, M.A.

Matthews, Mary H.--2002--Director, Student Support Services (2002), STUAFF. University of Rochester '65, B.A.; Columbia University School of Library Science '66, M.S.L.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '87, M.A.

Matthews, Mary K.--2001--Coordinator of Disability Services (2001), STUAFF. Beloit College '74, B.A.; Pratt Institute '80, M.P.S.

Matusevich, Yelena--1998--Associate Professor of French (2002), CLA. Russian State University '89, M.A.; University of Oklahoma '93, M.A.; University of Illinois '98, Ph.D.

Maurits, Sergei--1996--HPC Visualization Specialist (1997), ARSC. St. Petersburg State University, Russia '80, M.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, Ph.D.

Maxwell, Howard--1990--Instructor of Anthropology, Independent Learning Program (1990), CDE. University of Minnesota, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks, M.A.

Maxwell, Jeri--1990--Associate Director of Operations (2003), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks '89, B.A.

Mayer, Charles E.--1989--Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1998), CEM. University of Texas at Austin '78, B.S.E.E.; '81, M.S.E.; '83, Ph.D.

Mayes, Brigitte R.--1966--Associate Registrar, Records (2003), ENROLL.

McAllister, Jeff--2000--HPC User Consultant (2000), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, B.A.; '98, M.S.

McAlpin, Crystal--2002--Admissions Associate (2004), ENROLL. George Fox University '01, B.A.

McBeath, Gerald A.--1976--Professor of Political Science (1982), CLA. University of Chicago '63, B.A.; '64, M.A.; University of California, Berkeley '70, Ph.D.

McBeath, Jenifer H.--1977--Professor of Plant Pathology/Biotechnology (1992), SNRAS. National Taiwan University '68, B.S.; University of California, Davis '70, M.S.; Rutgers University '74, Ph.D.

McCarthy, Paul H.--1964--Interim Vice Provost for Research (2004), VPR. St. John Fisher College '62, B.A.; Syracuse University '64, M.L.S.

McCarthy, Paul J.--1999--Assistant Professor of Geology (1999), CNSM/GI. University of Western Ontario '86, B.S.; '89, M.S.; University of Guelph '95, Ph.D.

McCarty, Thomas R.--1989--Network Communication Specialist (1996), CEM.

McCollough, Laura C.--2002--Associate Director (2004), STUAFF. Carson-Newman College '94, B.A.; University of Alabama '97, M.A.

McConnell, Sarah--1997--Instructor of Social Work (1997), CLA. University of Kentucky '72, B.A.; Loyola University of Chicago '80, M.A.

McCracken, Kevin--2001--Assistant Professor of Biology (2001), CNSM/IAB. University of Notre Dame '94, B.S.; Louisiana State University '98, Ph.D.

McCrea, Scott--1998--Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator (2000), TVC. University of Alaska Fairbanks '94, B.A.

McGee, Carrie--1994--Fiscal Officer (2003), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, B.A.

McGee, Keli Hite--1995--Tutor Coordinator (1995), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '90, B.A.

McGee, Sean A.--1993--Captain, UAF Police Department (2002), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, B.A.; FBI National Academy '00.

McGill, Gene--1997--Mass Storage Specialist (1997), ARSC. Metropolitan State College, Colorado '86, B.S.

McGowan, Michael G.--1985--Professor of Emergency Services (1996), TVC/CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks '75, B.S.; '82, A.A.S.; '89, A.A.S.; State of Alaska '82, Level IV Fire Training Instructor Certificate.

McGrane, Thomas F.--1991--Manager, Information Systems, KUAC-FM/TV (1994), ACE. University of Idaho '75, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, M.Ed.

McGuire, Anthony David--1995--Professor of Landscape Ecology (2003), and Assistant Leader, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (1995), CNSM/IAB. Cornell University '76, B.S.; '77 M.E.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, M.S.; '89, Ph.D.

McHenry, Susan I.--1972--Advisor/Counselor, Rural Student Services (1972), CRA. University of Alaska '70, B.A.; '76, M.Ed.

McHenry, Yvonne--1986--Assistant Director, Human Resources (2000), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '88, B.B.A.

McInnis, Susan--1983--Instructor of English (2003), Independent Learning Program (2003), CDE. University of Alaska Fairbanks '76, B.A.; '99, M.F.A.

McKenna, Patrick A.--2001--Resident Director (2001), STUAFF. University of Wisconsin, Madison '97, B.S.; North Park University '00, M.B.A.; North Central Technical College '02, C.N.A.

McKirgan, Frank--1980--Vehicle Repair Supervisor (2002), FS.

McLean, Diane--1997--Deputy Director, Office of Sponsored Programs (2000) and Director, Intellectual Property and Licensing (1997), VPR. University of Alaska Fairbanks '91, B.A.

McLean-Nelson, Deborah L.--1992--Director, Bristol Bay Campus (2002), BB; Associate Professor of Education (2001), SOE. St. Petersburg Jr. College '77, A.S.; University of South Florida '79, B.A.; Oklahoma State University '89, M.S.; Memphis State University '92, Ed.D.

McNutt, Stephen R.--1991--Research Professor of Volcano Seismology (1991), GI. Wesleyan University '77, B.A.; Columbia University '82, M.A.; '84, M. Phil.; '85, Ph.D.

McRoy, C. Peter--1967--Professor of Marine Science (1979), SFOS/IMS. Michigan State University '63, B.S.; University of Washington '66, M.S.; University of Alaska '70, Ph.D.

McWayne, Barry J.--1970--Coordinator of Fine Arts (1991), MUSEUM.

McWherter, Pamela--1994--Associate Professor of Communication and Women's Studies (2001), CLA. Southwest Missouri State '81, B.A.; '88, M.A.; Southern Illinois University '93, Ph.D.

Meckel, Steve--1997--Fiscal Manager (2000), FS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '93, B.B.A.

Mellish, Jo-Ann E.--2001--Research Assistant Professor of Marine Science (2001), SFOS/IMS. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia '94, B.S.; '99, Ph.D.

Mendelowitz, Kade--1992--Associate Professor of Theatre (2001) and Lighting Designer, Technical Director (1992), CLA; and Instructor of Theatre, Independent Learning Program, CDE. State University of New York, New Paltz '88, B.F.A.; Temple University '91, M.F.A.

Mendoza, Rich--2004--Assistant Men's Basketball Coach (2004), ATHREC. Beach State College, B.S. Humbolt State University '02, M.S.

Mercer, Paul--2003--Visualization Systems Analyst (2003), ARSC. California State University Northridge '77, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '03, B.S.

Mercy, Deborah A.--1986--Instructional Media Specialist (1986), SFOS/MAP. University of Washington '76, B.F.A.

Meritt, Patty--1997--Associate Professor (2001), TVC/CRA; and Instructor of Early Childhood, Independent Learning Program, CDE. Sacramento City College '71, A.A.; California State University, Chico '73, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '84, M.A.

Metz, Paul A.--1975--Professor of Geological Engineering (2000), CEM. Michigan Tech University '68, B.S.; University of Alaska '72, M.B.A.; '75, M.S.; University of London '91, Ph.D.

Meyer, Kyra--2004--Resident Director (2004), STUAFF. Colorado State University Pueblo '04, B.A.

Mikissick, Louise--2002--Instructor of Digital Arts (2002), NWC/CRA. Concordia University '89, B.F.A.; Art Institute of Chicago '95, M.F.A.

Miller, Dave--2001--Superintendent of Maintenance (2001), FS.

Miller, Jack--1997--HPC Specialist (1997), INE.

Miller, Mike--1997--Carpentry Supervisor (2002), FS.

Miller, Susan--1990--HR Consultant/ Employee and Organizational Development (1990), VCAS. University of Tennessee '75, B.S.; University of Memphis '87, M.S.

Milner, Laura M.--1986--Professor of Business Administration (1997), SOM, and Director of Alaska Institute of Tourism, Women's Studies. University of Georgia '75, B.A.; Kansas State University '81, M.S.; '85, Ph.D.

Misra, Debasmita--2002--Assistant Professor of Geological Engineering (2002), CEM. Orissa University, India '84, B.S.; Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok '86, M.S.; University of Minnesota '94, Ph.D.

Mitchell, G. Allen--1987--Associate Director, Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station (1995) and Professor of Agronomy (1996), SNRAS. University of California, Riverside '71, B.S.; '73, M.S.; '77, Ph.D.

Mitchell, Susan--2003--Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems (2003), Independent Learning Program (2003), CDE. University of Hawaii, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks, M.A.

Mix, Tamara--2002--Assistant Professor of Sociology (2002), CLA. James Madison University '95, B.A.; University of Tennessee Knoxville '98, M.A.; '02, Ph.D.

Moessner, Victoria J.--1981--Professor of German (1995), CLA. Indiana University, '59, A.B.; University of Michigan, '63, M.A.; '71, Ph.D.; '81, A.M.L.S.

Mohatt, Gerald V.--1983--Director f CANHR (2003), Professor of Psychology (1983), CLA. St. Louis University '66, B.A.; '68, M.S.; Harvard University '78, Ed.D.

Mölders, Nicole--2001--Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences (2001), GI. University of Cologne '83, B.S.; '88, M.S.; '92, Ph.D.; University of Leipzig '99, Habilitation.

Mollett, David--2003--Assistant professor of Drawing (2003), CLA.

Monahan, John--1998--Instructor of Education, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE. Rockhurst College '81, B.A.; Kansas State University '83, M.S.; University of Kansas '92, Ed.D.

Moon, Byongook--2004--Assistant Professor of Justice (2004), CLA. Taegu University, South Korea '98, B.S.; Michigan State University '00, M.S.; '04, Ph.D.

Moore, Deborah A.--1983--Contracting Officer (1995), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '92, A.A.S.; '96 A.A.S.; C.P.M.

Moore, Jay D.--2004--Term Instructor of Extension and Land Resources Agent, Extension Indian Reservation Program (2004), CES/CRA. Clemson University '00, B.S.

Morgan, Herbert--1974--Custodial Supervisor, (1989), FS. University of Alaska Fairbanks '97, A.A.S.

Morgan, Joli B.--1976--Instructional Services Coordinator (2000), KUC/CRA. Excelsior College '81, B.S., Clarkson University '82, M.B.A.

Morisky, Reed--1992--Contract Manager, Design and Construction Division (1992), FS/VCAS.

Morita, Masahiko--2002--Assistant Athletic Trainer/Strength Coach (2002), ATHREC. Asia University '92, B.A., Central Missouri State University '99, M.S.

Morotti, Allan--1996--Associate Professor of Education, and Guidance and Counseling (2002), SOE. California State University, Hayward '70, B.A.; University of Oregon '84, M.S.; '92, Ph.D.

Morrison, Joy F.--1990--Professor of Mass Communications (2003), and Director of Faculty Development, PROV; and Instructor of Journalism, Independent Learning Program, CDE. New Mexico State University '83, B.S.; '85, M.S.; University of Iowa '91, Ph.D.

Morrow, Phyllis--1987--Dean, College of Liberal Arts (2003), Professor of Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Communications and Women's Studies (2003), CLA. Harvard-Radcliffe '72, B.A.; Cornell University '76, M.A.; '87, Ph.D.

Moses, Debra M.--1997--Assistant Professor of Developmental Math (2002), TVC/CRA. Wheeling Jesuit University '74, B.S.; Fordham University '78, M.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '98, M.S.

Motyka, Roman--1998--Research Associate Professor (1998), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks '83, Ph.D.

Mousseau, Sarah--1997--Vehicle Pool Supervisor (1999), FS.

Muehling, Eric R.--1993--Program Development Specialist, Summer Sessions (1999), PROV. Kent State University '73, B.S.; Ohio University '90, M.A.

Mulder, Christa P.H.--2001--Assistant Professor of Ecology (2001), CNSM/IAB. Bates College '88, B.A.; Queens University '91, M.Sc.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '96, Ph.D.

Munk, Steve--1990--HPC Systems Analyst Programmer (2002), ARSC.

Munly, Walter C.--1990--Research Associate (1990), CEM. Portland State University '80, B.S.; Pennsylvania State University '84, M.S.

Murphy, Edward C.--1977--Professor of Zoology (1992), Head, Department of Biology and Wildlife (2001), CNSM/IAB. University of California, Berkeley '70, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks '74, M.S.; University of Kansas '77, Ph.D.

Murray, Maribeth S.--1998--Associate Professor of Anthropology (2004), CLA. Wilfrid Laurier University '89, B.A.; Memorial University of Newfoundland '92, M.A.; McMaster University '97, Ph.D.

Musco, Ann Marie--2004--Assistant Professor of Music Education (2004), CLA. Indiana University '85, B.M.E.; University of Hartford '90, M.M.E.

Musgrave, David L.--1988--Associate Professor of Marine Science (1995), SFOS/IMS. California Institute of Technology '74, B.S.; University of Alaska '78, M.S.; '83, Ph.D.

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