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Sackinger, William M., Associate Professor of Geophysics and Electrical Engineering, Emeritus. University of Notre Dame ’59, B.S.; Cornell University ’61, M.S.; ’69, Ph.D., P.E. (1970-1996)

Salisbury, Lee H., Professor of Speech and Drama, Emeritus. New York University ’49, B.S.; Columbia University ’50, M.A. (1952-1988)

Sandberg, Harlem D., Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Minnesota ’55, B.S.; Michigan State University ’64, M.A.; ’75, Ed.S.; ’79 Ed.D. (1965-1984)

Sargent, Charles, Dean, College of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Engineering, Emeritus. University of Idaho ’48, B.S.C.E.; Stanford University ’58, M.S. (Professor 1953-1961, Dean 1961-1967)

Schell, Donald M., Professor of Marine Science and Water Resources, Emeritus. Southeastern Massachusetts University ’62, B.S.; University of Alaska ’62, M.S.; ’71, Ph.D. (1976-2002)

Scott, G. Richard, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus. Arizona State University, Tempe ’68, B.A.; ’73, Ph.D. (1973-1997)

Sedinger, James Stone, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Emeritus. University of Washington, ’71, B.S.; University of California, Davis ’83, Ph.D. (1985-2001)

Senungetuk, Ronald W., Professor of Art, Emeritus. Rochester Institute of Technology ’60, A.A.S. and B.F.A.; Statens Handvaerks og Kunstindustriskole, Oslo, Norway ’61, Diploma. (1961-1987)

Sharma, Ghanshyam D., Director of the Petroleum Development Laboratory, Emeritus and Professor of Petroleum Engineering, Emeritus. Benares Hindu University ’52, B.S.; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ’58, Diploma of Engineering Geology; University of Michigan ’61, Ph.D. (1963-1992)

Shaw, David G., Professor of Marine Science and Chemistry, Emeritus. University of California, Los Angeles ’67, B.S.; Harvard University ’69, A.M.; ’71, Ph.D. (1976-1996)

Shelton, Harris W., Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Emeritus. University of South Florida ’65, B.A.; ’67, M.A.; Florida State University ’71, Ph.D.

Sheridan, J.Roger, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Reed College ’55, B.A.; University of Washington ’64, Ph.D. (1964-1987)

Shields, Gerald F., Professor of Zoology, Emeritus. Carroll College ’66, B.A.; Central Washington State College ’70, M.S.; University of Toronto ’74, Ph.D. (1975-1999)

Shinkwin, Anne D., Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus. University of Connecticut ’60, B.A.; Goerge Washington University ’64, M.A.; University of Wisconsin ’75, Ph.D. (1971-1991)

Shumaker, Peggy, Professor of English, Emerita. University of Arizona, Tucson ’79, M.F.A. (1985-1999)

Simpson, Glen C., Professor of Art, Emeritus. Rochester Institute of Technology ’68, B.F.A.; ’69, M.F.A. (1969-1997)

Sivjee, Abas, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. University of London ’63, B.S.; Johns Hopkins University ’70, Ph.D. (1972-1988)

Skelton, Irvin, Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Wyoming ’60, B.S.; Colorado State University ’70, M.Ed.; ’74, Ph.D. (1984-1997)

Slotnick, Herman E., Professor of History, Emeritus. University of Idaho ’39, B.A.; University of Washington ’58, Ph.D. (1955-1978) Deceased

Smith, David M., Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics, Emeritus. Nyack College ’56, B.S.; Hartford Seminary Foundation ’65, M.A.; Michigan State University ’69, Ph.D. (1986-2000) Deceased

Smith, R. London, Professor of Political Science, Emeritus. College of St. Joseph ’54, B.A.; University of Oklahoma ’55, M.A.; American University ’64, Ph.D. (1965-1984)

Smith, Ronald L., Professor of Zoology, Emeritus. Occidental College ’64, B.A.; University of Miami ’67, M.S.; ’68, Ph.D. (1968-1999)

Stamnes, Knut Henrik, Professor of Physics, Emeritus. University of Oslo ’69, B.S.; ’72, M.S.; University of Colorado ’78, Ph.D. (1988-1999)

Stetson, Marguerite, Professor of Extension, Emeritus. Oregon State University ’57, B.S.; University of Alaska ’72, M.A.T. (1974-1987)

Stone, David B., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Keele ’56, B.A.; University of Newcastle Upon Tyne ’63, Ph.D. (1966-1996)

Stratton, Russell E., Professor of English, Emeritus. Princeton University ’60, A.B.; University of Southern Mississippi ’76, M.A.; ’79, Ph.D. (1983-1998)

Stringer, William J., Associate Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. New Mexico State University ’62, B.S.; University of Alaska ’71, B.A. (1965-1997)

Sunnell, Agnes S., Associate Professor of Extension, Emeritus. University of Washington ’31, B.S.; Washington State University ’44, M.S. (1960-1970) Deceased

Swartz, L. Gerard, Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus. University of Illinois ’53, B.S.; ’54, M.S.; ’58, Ph.D. (1958-1988)

Swift, Daniel W., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Haverford College ’57, B.A.; Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’59, M.S. (1963-1994)

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