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Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Rae, Kenneth M., Vice President for Research and Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. University College, London ’35, B.Sc.; ’58, Ph.D. (1961-1976) Deceased

Rao, Nagabhushana M.S., Professor of Sociology, Emeritus. University of Mysore ’57, B.A. (Hon.); ’58, M.A.; Washington State University ’74, Ph.D.

Rao, Pemmasani Dharma, Professor of Coal Technology, Emeritus. Andhra University ’52, B.Sc.; ’54, M.Sc.; Pennsylvania State University ’59, M.S.; ’61, Ph.D. (1966-1994)

Ray, Charles K., Professor of Education, Emeritus. University of Colorado ’51, B.A.; Columbia University ’55, M.A.; ’59, Ed.D. (1957-1992)

Reeburgh, William S., Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. University of Oklahoma ’61, B.S.; Johns Hopkins University ’64, M.A.; ’67, Ph.D. (1968-1998)

Rees, Manfred H., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. West Virginia University ’48, B.S.E.E.; University of Colorado ’56, M.S.; ’58, Ph.D. (1958-1993)

Renner, Louis L., Professor of German, Emeritus. Gonzaga University ’50, A.B.; ’51, M.A.; University of Santa Clara ’58, M.S.T.; University of Munich ’65, Ph.D. (1965-1980)

Restad, Sigmund H., Assistant Director, Emeritus, Alaska Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station. University of Minnesota ’53, B.S.; ’54, M.S. (1958-1962; 1968-1987)

Reynolds, James B., Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus. Utah State University ’61, B.S.; Iowa State University ’63, M.S.; ’66, Ph.D. (1978-2001)

Reynolds, Janice McKenna, Professor of Sociology, Emerita. Central Michigan ’64, B.S.; Ohio State University ’67, M.A.; ’69, Ph.D. (1988-2000)

Rice, Elbert F., Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus. University of Idaho ’48, B.S.; Oregon State College ’49, M.S.; ’55, Ph.D., P.E. (1952-1982) Deceased

Rice, Michael L., Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services and Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus. Florida State University, Tallahassee ’71, B.S.; ’72, M.B.A.; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill ’75, Ph.D. (1983-1998)

Roberts, Thomas D., Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus and Director of the Institute of Northern Engineering, Emeritus. University of Alabama ’59, B.S.; Oregon State University ’65, Ph.D., P.E. (1966-1987)

Roederer, Juan G., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. University of Buenos Aires ’52, Ph.D. (1977-1993)

Rogers, George W., Professor of Economics, Emeritus. University of California, Berkeley ’42, B.A.; ’43, M.A.; Harvard University ’50, Ph.D. (1960-1983)

Romick, Gerald J., Professor of Geophysics, Emeritus. University of Alaska ’52, B.S.; University of California, Los Angeles ’54, M.S.; University of Alaska ’64, Ph.D. (1951-1984)

Rowinski, L.J., Director of University of Alaska Museum, Emeritus. Cornell University ’51, B.S.; University of Alaska ’58, M.S. (1957-1980)

Royer, Thomas, Professor of Marine Science, Emeritus. Albion College ’63, B.A.; Texas A&M University ’66, M.S.; ’69, M.S. (1969-1997)

Ryberg, H. Theodore, Director of Libraries, Emeritus. Gettysburg College ’55, A.B.; Western Reserve University ’57, M.S. (1962-1980)

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