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MacLean Jr., Stephen F., Professor of Zoology, Emeritus. University of California, Santa Barbara, ’64, B.A.; University of California, Berkeley ’69, Ph.D. (1971-1997)

Madonna, James A., Professor of Mining Extension, Emeritus. Victor Valley Junior College ’69, A.S.; Humboldt State College ’71, A.B.; University of Alaska ’73, M.S.; University of Tasmania ’96, Ph.D. (1973-1999)

Mark Anthony, Leo, Professor of Mining Extension, Emeritus. University of Alaska ’52, B.S. (1952-1987)

Mather, Keith B., Director of the Geophysical Institute, Emeritus and Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Adelaide University ’42, B.Sc.; ’44, M.Sc.; University of Alaska ’68 (Hon.) D.Sc. Deceased

Mathisen, Ole A., Professor of Fisheries, Emeritus. University of Olso ’45, Cand. real.; University of Washington ’55, Ph.D. (1982-1997)

Matthews, James W., Professor of Extension, Emeritus. North Dakota State University ’52, B.S.; University of Wisconsin ’61, M.S.; ’70, Ph.D. (1957-1987)

McCarthy, Paul H., Professor of Library Science, Emeritus, and Director of Libraries and Information Technology, Emeritus. St. John Fisher College ’62, B.A.; Syracuse University ’64, M.L.S. (1964-1993)

McFadden, Terry, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus. Brigham Young University ’60, B.E.S.M.E.; Stanford University ’65, M.S.M.E.; University of Alaska ’74, Ph.D.; P.E. (1974-1997)

McKendrick, Jay D., Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus. University of Idaho ’63, B.S.; ’66, M.S.; Kansas State University ’71, Ph.D. (1972-1998)

Mendenhall, William W., Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus. Cornell University ’49, B.C.E.; ’60, M.S.; P.E.; L.S. (1955-1987)

Merritt, Robert P., Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus. Oregon State College ’49, B.S.; Stanford University ’68, M.S.; P.E. (1955-1966; 1968-1987) Deceased

Milan, Frederick A., Professor of Human Ecology and Anthropology, Emeritus. University of Alaska ’52, B.A.; University of Wisconsin ’59, M.S.; 62, Ph.D. (1971-1987) Deceased

Miller, John M., Senior Applications Engineer, Emeritus. University of Alaska ’60, B.S.; ’68, M.S., P.E. (1958-1993)

Miller, Orlando W., Professor of History, Emeritus. Muhlenberg College ’47, B.A.; Columbia University ’48, M.A.; ’66, Ph.D. (1957-1978) Deceased

Mitchell, Francis, Associate Professor of Extension, Emeritus. College of Great Falls Montana ’58, B.A.; Whitworth College ’75, M.A. (1983-1997)

Mitchell, William W., Professor of Agronomy, Emeritus. University of Montana ’57, B.A.; ’58, M.A.; Iowa State University ’62, Ph.D. (1963-1988)

Moore, Terris, President Emeritus and Professor of the University. Williams College ’29, A.B.; Harvard ’33, M.B.A.; ’37, D.C.S.; University of Alaska ’67, LL.D.; (President 1949-1953, Prof. 1953-1972) Deceased

Morack, John L., Professor of Physics, Emeritus. Union College ’61, B.S.; Oregon State University ’68, Ph.D. (1975-1999)

Morgan, John W., Professor of English, Emeritus. Harvard University ’65, A.B.; University of Iowa ’67, M.F.A. (1976-1998)

Morgan, Joli B., Professor of Applied Business, Emeritus. Excelsior College ’81, B.S.; Clarkson University ’82, M.B.A. (1976-1997)

Morgan, Lael, Associate Professor of Journalism, Emerita. Boston University ’59, B.S.; ’87, M.S. (1988-1999)

Morrison, Peter R., Professor of Zoophysiology, Emeritus. Swarthmore College ’40, A.B.; Harvard University ’47, Ph.D. (1963-1974)

Morrow, James E., Professor of Zoology, Emeritus. Middlebury College ’40, A.B.; ’42, M.S.; Yale University ’44, M.S.; ’49, Ph.D. (1960-1977).

Murray, David F., Professor of Botany and Curator, Emeritus. Middlebury College ’59, A.B.; University of Alaska ’61, M.S.; University of Colorado ’66, Ph.D. (1969-1994)

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