2004-2005 UAF Catalog  

Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

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Falk, Marvin W., Professor of Library Science and Curator of Rare Books, Emeritus. University of Minnesota ’65, B.A.; University of Massachusetts ’66, M.A.; University of Iowa ’76, Ph.D. (1975-1998)

Feder, Howard M., Professor of Marine Biology, Emeritus. University of California, Los Angeles ’48, A.B.; ’51, M.A.; Stanford University ’56, Ph.D. (1970-1990)

Fink, Milton A., Professor of Accounting, Emeritus. University of Nebraska ’58, B.S.; University of Denver ’66, M.S.B.A.; Colorado ’66, C.P.A., Alaska ’69, C.P.A. (1968-1988)

Fohn-Hansen, Lydia, Associate Director of Cooperative Extension, Emeritus. Iowa State College ’19, B.S.; ’22, M.S.; University of Alaska ’59, D.Hum. (1925-1936, 1940-1959) Deceased

Forbes, Robert B., Professor of Geology, Emeritus. University of Washington ’50, B.S.; ’59, Ph.D. (1959-1977) Deceased

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