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Earnest, Michael-1990-Associate Director of Admissions (2003), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’94, B.A.

Earp, Mary-1986-Assistant Professor (2000), TVC/CRA. Methodist College ’83, B.Ed.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’95, M.Ed.

Eaves, Ken-2003-Construction Trades Faculty (2003), IAC/CRA. New Mexico State University B.BA, ’91, MBA.

Ebanez, Scot-1996-Assistant Director for Business Services (2000), VCAS. University of Hawaii ’80, B.A.

Echelmeyer, Keith A.-1984-Professor of Geophysics (1996), CSEM/GI. University of Colorado ’76, B.S.; California Institute of Technology ’79, M.S.; ’83, Ph.D.

Edberg, Roger-1997-Visualization Specialist (1997), ARSC. Portland State University ’82, B.A.; Australian National University ’87, Ph.D.

Edson, Darrin-1996-Grounds Supervisor (2000), FS.

Ehrlander, Mary-2001-Assistant Professor of History (2003), Assistant Director Northern Studies, CLA.

Eichelberger, John C.-1991-Professor of Volcanology (1991), CSEM/GI. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’70, B.S.; M.S.; Stanford University ’74, Ph.D.

Eicken, Hajo-1998-Associate Professor of Geophysics (1998), CSEM/GI. Technische Universitat Clausthal ’88, Dipl.-Min.; Universitat Bremen ’90, Dr. Rer. Nat.

Elkins, Katherine E.-1989-Assistant to the Dean (1996), CLA.

Ensign, Elaine C.-1978-Instructor of Mathematics (1981), CSEM. Indiana University ’53, B.A.; University of Wisconsin ’55, M.S.

Epperson, Lenora-1986-Office Manager, Residence Life (1993), STUAFF.

Erickson, Karen-1991-Associate Professor of Political Science (1998), CLA. Stanford University ’58, B.A.; Harvard University ’63, M.A.; ’76, Ph.D.

Esop, Jakub-Associate Professor of Culinary Arts (1990), TVC/CRA. Master Chef Degree of Marianske Lazne, Czechoslovakia ’66

Estes, Steven A.-1975-Senior Project Engineer (1987), GI. University of Hawaii ’72, B.S.E.E.; ’74, B.S.; University of Alaska ’78, M.S.

Evans, Carol L.-1990-Business Manager (1990), BBC/CRA. University of Alaska Anchorage ’83, B.A.

Evern, Alice Ruth-1988-Instructor of Mathematics, Independent Learning Program (2001), CDE. Lindfield College ’84, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’86, Type A Teaching Certificate

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