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Daku, Mike-1999-Assistant Professor of Human Service Technology (2001), Assistant Professor of Justice (1999), TVC/CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’81, B.A.; ’84, M.Ed.

Dalrymple, Jan-1978-Executive Officer (1999), GI. North Michigan University ’74, B.S.

Damron, Debra P.-1991-Director, University Relations (1999) and Senior Public Information Officer (1997), UR. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’82, B.A.

Danielson, Seth-1993-Analyst Programmer (1999), SFOS/IMS. Lehigh University ’90, B.S.E.E.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’96, M.S.

Darby, Gerald-1995-Manager, Service Center, Division of Computing and Communications (1998), LIB.

Darnell-McGee, Sara-1990-Assistant Director, Upward Bound Math/Science Regional Center (1999), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’88, B.A.; ’91, M.A.; Seattle University ’99, Certificate.

Das, Deben K.-1984-Professor of Mechanical Engineering (1993) and Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering (1997), CSEM. Sambalpur University ’72, B.S.; Brown University ’74, Sc.M.; University of Rhode Island ’83, Ph.D.; P.E.

Davis, Francine-1995-Fiscal Officer (2001), SOM. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’93, B.A.

Davis, Frank-1981-Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts (1994), TVC/CRA. Tanana Valley Community College ’79, A.A.S., C.E.C., C.C.E.

Davis, Kim-1992-Assistant Director (2002), Development.

Davis, Michael E.-1996-Assistant Professor of Rural Development (2001), BBC/DANRD/CRA. San Diego State University ’69, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’78, M.A.

Davis, Pamela M.-1990-Executive Director (1999), Development. University of Georgia ’78, B.S., C.F.R.E.

Davison, Saundra-1977-Reconciliation Accountant (1998), VCAS.

Dayo, Dixie Masak-2003-Assistant Professor of Rural Development (2003), CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’94, B.A.; ’03, M.A.

Deal, W. Scott-1995-Associate Professor of Music (2001), CLA. Cameron University ’80, B.A.; University of Cincinnati ’82, M.M.; University of Miami ’94, D.M.A.

Dean, Kenneson G.-1977-Research Associate Professor, (1999) GI. Northern Arizona University ’72, B.S.; University of Alaska ’79, M.S.

Deck, Richard-1985-Hazardous Materials Coordinator (1995), VCAS. College of South Idaho ’82, A.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’86, B.S.

Dehn, Jonathan-1997-Research Assistant Professor (2002) , GI. Arizona State University ’84, B.S.; ’87, M.S.; C.-A. Universitat Zu Kiel ’92, Ph.D.

DeLaca, Ted-1992-Vice Provost for Research (2001), and Director (1992), OSP. University of California, Davis ’69, B.S.; ’76, Ph.D.

Denton, Michelle-2002-Receptionist/Switchboard Operator (2002), STUAFF.

deOliveira, Alexandra M.-2002-Assistant Professor of Seafood Chemistry (2002), SFOS/FITC. Universidade Federal Fluminense-Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ’91, B.S.; Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ’94, M.S.; University of Florida ’00, Ph.D.

Desrochers, James L.-1989-Project Engineer (1989), GI. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’88, B.S.

de Hart, Rachel Epley-2002-Term Assistant Professor of Trumpet (2002), CLA. Ohio State University-Columbus ’99, B.M.; Northwestern University ’01, M.M.

Deters, Pamela-2002-Assistant Professor of Psychlogy (2002), CLA.

de Wit, Cary W.-1999-Assistant Professor of Geography (1999), SNRAS. University of Kansas ’84, B.S.; ’92, M.A.; ’97, Ph.D.

Dexter, Charles N.-1985-Professor of Applied Business (1995), TVC/CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’77, B.A.; ’83, M.B.A.

Dickerson, Larry-2001-Assistant Professor of Rural Development and Extension Specialist, (2001), CRA. William Jewell College ’69, B.A.; University of Missouri Columbia ’86, M.S.

Dickey, Freeda A.H.-2002-Assistant Professor/Coordinator RHSP (2002), IAC/CRA. California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D.

Dickey, Maryanne-1997-Instructor/Facilitator-Workplace Basics (1998), KUC/CRA. College of New Jersey ’69, B.A.

Dickey, Terry P.-1973-Coordinator of Education (1976), UAM. University of Tulsa ’66, B.A.; University of Alaska ’87, M.Ed.

Diehl, Carol S.-1982-Senior Staff Counselor, Center for Health and Counseling (1996), STUAFF; and Affiliate Associate Professor of Counseling (2001), CRA. Juniata College ’71, B.A.; West Virginia University ’75, M.A.; ’81, Ed.D.; Licensed Professional Counselor ’00.

Dieringer, Deanna L.-1989-Financial Aid Director, Student Loans and Athletic Awards (2004), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’87, B.B.A.

Dinstel, Roxie Rodgers-1995-Associate Professor of Extension (1999), Home Economist and 4-H Youth Development Agent, Fairbanks Tanana District and Home Economics Program Chair (2003), CES. Eastern New Mexico University ’76, B.S.; Texas Woman’s University ’82, M.S.

Diseth, Scott S.-1990-Program Director/Station Manager, KUAC-FM (1990), CLA. Fort Steilacoom Community College ’71, A.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, B.A.

Dix, Nancy-1978-Director, Admissions (2000), ENROLL. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’82, B.S.; ’86, M.Ed.

Doak, Patricia-1998-Assistant Professor of Biology (1998), CSEM/IAB. Dartmouth College ’86, B.A.; Cornell University ’97, Ph.D.

Domke, B. Victoria-2002-Assistant Professor of Aviation Maintenance (2002), CRA/TVC.

Dong, Chunlian "Lily”-2003-Assistant Profesor of Business Administration (2003), SOM.

Dommisse, Michaela-1999-Research Associate (1999), SFOS/IMS. University of Natal, ’93, B.Sc.; University of Melbourne, ’94, B.Sc.

Doudna, David A.-1989-Project Manager (1990), SFOS/IMS. South Dakota State University ’81, B.S.

Dragiewicz, Gregory-1997-Automotive Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor (1997), TVC/CRA. Bay deNoc College ’85, A.A.S.; Ferris State University ’87, B.S.; Chrysler Corporation Technical Training ’92.

Drew, Kelly L.-1991-Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (2002), CSEM/IAB. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’81, B.S.; Albany Medical College ’88, Ph.D.

Drew, Lisa W.-2000-Assistant Professor of Journalism (2000), CLA. Reed College ’75, B.A.; University of Iowa ’88, M.F.A.

Drygas, Emily-2002-Development Director (2003), UAM. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, B.A.

Dubis, Glen A.-2002-Rifle Coach (2002), ATHREC. Pennsylvania State ’81, B.S.; U.S. Sports Academy ’89, M.A.

Ducharme, Jo Ann-1992-CRA Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Student Services (2003), CRA. University of Alaska ’77, B.Ed.; ’82, M.Ed.

Duffy, Lawrence K.-1986-Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry (1992), CSEM/IAB. Fordham University ’69, B.S.; University of Alaska ’71, M.S.; ’77, Ph.D.

Duguay, Claude R.-2002-Professor of Geophysics (2002), CSEM/GI. University of Montreal ’83, B.S.; State University of New York, Buffalo ’85, M.A.; University of Waterloo ’89, Ph.D.

Dupras, Joseph A.-1979-Professor of English (1990), CLA. University of Maryland ’68, B.A.; State University of New York at Binghamton ’70, M.A.; ’75, Ph.D.

Dupras, Rheba-1981-Associate Professor of Library Science and Head, Information Services (1988), LIB. Marietta College ’73, B.A.; State University of New York at Binghamton ’75, M.A.; University of Kentucky ’79, M.S.L.S.

Duvlea, Patricia A.-1994-Coordinator, Financial Services (1999), VCAS.

Dyer-Smith, Patricia-1993-Accountant (2000), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’92, B.B.A.

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