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Packee, Edmond C.-1983-Professor of Forest Management (2000), SNRAS. University of Montana ’62, B.S.F.; Yale University ’63, M.F.; University of Minnesota ’76, Ph.D.

Paris, Todd-2000-Photo Manager (2003), UR. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’83, B.A.

Partee, Dave-1999-Instructor of Computer Information and Office Systems, Independent Learning Program (2002), CDE. University of California ’92, B.A.

Patil, Shirish L.-1983-Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering (2001), SME. University of Poona ’81, B.S.; University of Pittsburgh ’83, M.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’87, M.S.

Patrick, Donna-2001-Family Nurse Practitioner (2001), STUAFF. St. Vincents School of Nursing ’78, diploma; University of Alaska Anchorage ’91, B.S.N., ’01, M.S.N.

Pavilla, Annie-2000-Advisor/Counselor, Rural Student Services (2000), CRA. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’00, B.A.

Pelehowski, June-1993-Engineering Assistant (1999), FS. University of Colorado at Denver ’91, B.S.

Peñalver, Lisa-1999-Graphic Designer (1999), UR. Rocheser Institute of Technology ’85, B.A.

Pender, Renea-1998-Area Coordinator (1998), STUAFF. Northwestern Michigan College ’91, A.S.; ’92, A.A.; Grand Valley State University ’94, B.S.; Wright State University ’96, M.A.

Pennington, Thomas-2002-Assistant Professor (2002), SOED. Illinois Wesleyan University ’74, B.A.; University of Southern Mississippi ’89, M.S.

Perkins, Robert-1996-Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Coordinator for Enginering Science Management (1999), CSEM. Florida Atlantic University ’72, B.S.E.; University of Alaska Anchorage ’77, M.C.E.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’83, M.S.; University of North Carolina ’94, Ph.D.; P.E.

Perry, Denver-1982-Carpentry Shop Supervisor (1999), FS.

Peters, Hild-1990-Academic and Faculty Services Manager (1999), PROV. St. Cloud State University ’91, B.A.

Petersen, John K.-1985-Laboratory Instructor of Physics (1985), CSEM. Bemidji State University ’82, B.S.; University of Alaska ’85, M.S.

Peterson, Walt-1983-Assistant Professor of Welding (1996), TVC/CRA. Red Rocks Community College ’79, Certificate.

Petterson, Karl-1998-Engineering Assistant, Design and Construction Division (1998), FS. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, B.S.C.E.

Philip, Betty Anne P.-1965-Associate Professor of Chemistry (1983), CSEM. Agnes Scott College ’52, B.A.; Yale University ’54, M.S.; ’60, Ph.D.

Philip, Kenelm W.-1965-Research Associate in Taxonomy (1975), IAB. Yale University ’53, B.S.; ’58, M.S.; ’63, Ph.D.

Phillips, Rebecca-1991-Merchandise Coordinator (2000), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’92, B.A.; ’92, B.A.

Picha, PaHi-2002-Student Employment Coordinator (2002), STUAFF. Central Washington University ’76, B.A.; Western Washington University ’78, M.Ed.

Piedrafita, Debra-1999-Assistant Professor of Nursing (1999), TVC/CRA. California State University, San Jose ’75, B.A.; California State University, Fresno ’84, B.S.N.; University of Wyoming ’95, M.S.N.

Pierce, Ronald M.-1991-Director, Low Rank Coal Water Fuel Project (1999), VCAS. Troy State University ’80, B.S.; Central Michigan University ’85, M.A.

Ping, Chien Lu-1982-Professor of Agronomy (1993), SNRAS. Chumg Hsin University, Taiwan ’65, B.Sc.; Washington State University ’72, M.S.; ’76, Ph.D.

Pinney, Peter-1989-Associate Professor of English, Independent Learning Program (1998), TVC/CDE. University of Hawaii, B.A.; University of Alaska Fairbanks, M.F.A.

Pippenger, Michael-1991-Associate Professor of Economics and Head, Economics Department (1997), SOM. Ball State University ’81, B.S.; University of Chicago ’85, M.A.; Purdue University ’87, M.S.; ’90, Ph.D.

Platt, Hope-2003-Admissions Counselor (2004), ENROLL. Hillsdale College ’01, B.A.

Platt, Nathan J.-2000-Assistant Director of Residence Life (2001), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’98, B.A.

Plowman, Cheryl-1976-Business Office Supervisor (1999), VCAS. Draughon Business College ’76. Certificate.

Plumley, F. Gerald-1988-Professor of Marine Science (2001), SFOS/IMS. Mars Hill College ’73, B.S.; Auburn University ’77, M.S.; University of Georgia ’83, Ph.D.

Pogue, Michele-1995-Projects Coordinator (2000), CES. Eastern Montana College ’79, B.S.

Polyakov, Igor-1995-Research Professor (2003), IARC. Leningrad State Hydrometeorological Institute ’84, M.S.; Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute ’90, Ph.D.; St. Petersburg State University ’92, M.S.; Russian State Hydrometeorological Institute ’97, Doctor of Science.

Pommenville, Randy-2001-Ice Hockey Equipment Manager (2003), ATHREC. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’94, A.A.

Poole, Anne-Marie-1995-Adjunct Professor of History (1996); Adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies (1996); Director, UAF Women’s Center (1998), CLA. Carleton College ’83, B.A.; University of California Los Angeles ’86, M.A.; ’88, C.Phil.

Poole, John C. "Jake”-1997-Director, Tanana Valley Campus (2000), CRA/TVC. University of Massachusetts ’75, B.S.; Pepperdine University ’78, M.A.

Porter, David O.-1993-Professor (1993), SOM. University of Utah ’63, B.S.; ’65, M.A.; Syracuse University ’70, Ph.D.

Porter, Gary-1990-Network Communication Specialist (1996), CSEM.

Powell, Abby N.-2000-Assistant Professor of Biology (2000), Assistant Leader, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (2000), CSEM/IAB. Cornell University ’80, B.S.; San Diego State University ’86, M.S.; University of Minnesota-St. Paul ’92, Ph.D.

Prakash, Anupma-2002-Associate Professor (2002), CSEM/GI. University of Roorkee, India ’96, Ph.D.

Prater, Jon-1999-Assistant Professor (2001) and Process Technology Program Coordinator, TVC. Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi ’85, B.S.; Lesley College ’90, M.Ed.

Price, Barbara-2002-Assistant Professor of Human Services, TVC (2002), Southern California University for Professional Studies ’02, Psy. D.

Price, Channon P.-1987-Associate Professor of Physics (1993), CSEM. California Institute of Technology ’76, B.S.; University of California, Santa Barbara ’81, Ph.D.

Proshutinsky, Tatiana-1994-Research Associate (1994), SFOS/IMS. Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute ’73, M.Sc.; ’81, Ph.D.

Pullar, Gordon L.-1992-Director and Assistant Professor, Department of Alaska Native and Rural Development (1996), DANRD/CRA. Western Washington University ’73, B.A.; University of Washington ’83, M.P.A.; The Union Institute ’97, Ph.D.

Pullman, Wesley-2003-Assistant Professor of Social Work (2003), CLA.

Pursell, Timothy-2001-Instructor of History, Independent Learning Program (2003), CDE. Phillips University ’91, B.A.; Indiana University ’93, M.A.; ’01, Ph.D.

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