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Fagen, Robert M.-1982-Associate Professor of Fisheries (Biometrics) (1982), SFOS/JC. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ’67, B.S.; University of Michigan ’68, M.S.; Harvard University ’74, Ph.D.

Failoni, Daniel D.-1975-Affiliate Assistant Professor of Medical Science (1975), CSEM. Western Reserve University ’61, The Ohio State University ’65, M.D., M.S.

Fast, Phyllis A.-1995-Associate Professor of Alaska Native Studies and Anthropology (2002), and Co-Chair Alaska Native Studies (1995), CLA. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’68, B.A.; University of Alaska Anchorage ’90, M.A.; Harvard University ’98, Ph.D.

Faudree, Jill-1998-Assistant Professor of Mathematics (1998), CSEM. Tulane University ’91, B.S.; University of Memphis ’93, M.S.; Emory University ’98, Ph.D.

Fellerath, John T.-1996-Director, Center for Health and Counseling (1996), STUAFF. LeMoyne College ’66, B.A., Ohio State University ’68, M.A., ’72, Ph.D.

Fellerath, Sheila-1997-Instructor (1998), CLA. Le Moyne College ’65, B.A.; University of North Carolina School of Law ’79, J.D.

Fenton, Laura-1985-Fiscal Officer (1999), SFOS.

Ferguson, James C.-2000-Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering (2000), SME.

Ferrell, Kathy-1999-Systems Technician (1999). TVC , University of Alaska Fairbanks ’97, B.A.

Fickus, James-1986-Vehicle and Equipment Shop Supervisor (1999), FS.

Finch, Sheila-1970-Research Administrator (2000), GI.

Finney, Bruce P.-1981-Professor of Marine Science (2002), SFOS/IMS. University of Minnesota ’79, B.S.; Oregon State University ’87, Ph.D.

Fisher, Kerynn-1999-Communications Coordinator (2000), UAM. University of Virginia, ’94, B.A.

Fisher, Kim-1987-Account Technician (1996), INE/ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks Business Program.

Fix, Peter-2002-Assistant Professor of Outdoor Recreation (2002), SNRAS. University of Wisconsin Lacrosse ’92, B.S., Colorado State University, ’96, M.S.; ’02, Ph.D.

Fitts, Alexandra F.-1995-Associate Professor of Spanish (2002), CLA. Furman University ’84, B.A.; Bowling Green State University ’87, M.A.; Duke University ’95, Ph.D.

Foldoe, Audrey-2000-Instructor of Applied Business, Independent Learning Program (2000), CDE.

Foley, Donald J.M.-1991-Associate Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Services (2003), STUAFF. University of the Pacific ’80, B.A.; Oregon State University ’84, M.Ed.

Follmann, Erich H.-1976-Professor of Zoology (1996), CSEM/IAB. Loyola University, Chicago ’65, B.S.; Southern Illinois University ’68, M.A.; ’73, Ph.D.

Fong, Quentin S.W.-1999-Assistant Professor of Seafood Marketing (1999), SFOS/FITC, MAP. Florida Institute of Technology ’81, B.S.; ’89, M.S.; University of Rhode Island ’99, Ph.D.

Fontes, Jennifer-2001-Office Manager (2002), STUAFF. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’01, A.A.S.

Foote, Victoria-2001-Statewide Health Program Developer (2003), CRA. Colorado State University ’74, B.A.; University of Northern Colorado ’80, M.A.

Forbes, Liam-1996-HPC Systems Analyst (1996), ARSC. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’95, B.S.; ’98, M.S.

Forque, Joseph-1990-Engineer, KUAC FM/TV (1997), CLA. Air Force Electronics School ’61; Community College of the Air Force ’76, A.S. Electronics.

Foster, Anne-2002-Assistant Professor of Library Science, and Head of Archives (2002), LIB. Montana State University ’92, B.A.; University of Maryland ’95, M.L.S.

Foster, Edward-1993-Superintendent of Operations, Operations Division (1998), FS.

Foster, Lisa-1991-Front Desk Manager (1994), STUAFF.

Foster, Nora Rakestraw-1981-Coordinator, Aquatic Collection (1981), UAM. University of Alaska Fairbanks ’69, B.S.; ’79, M.S.

Fowell, Sarah J.-1997-Assistant Professor of Geology (1999), Director, Alaska Quaternary Center (2002), CSEM. University of Wisconsin - Madison ’87, B.S.; Columbia University ’90, M.S.; ’91, M.Ph.; ’94, Ph.D.

Fox, John D.-1973-Associate Professor of Land Resources Management (1993), SNRAS. Trinity College ’68, B.S.; University of Washington ’70, M.S.; ’76, Ph.D.

Foy, Robert-1993-Assistant Professor, SFOS/FITC, IMS (1999). University of Michigan ’93, B.S.; University of Alaska Fairbanks ’96, M.S.

Fraser II, Warren G.-1970-Manager, Printing Services (1990), VCAS. University of Alaska Fairbanks, ’00, B.S.; ’02, M.B.A.

French, Claudia-1996-Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychology (1996), CLA. University of Iowa ’81, B.A.; University of Montana ’88, M.A., ’90, Ph.D.

Freymueller, Jeffrey T.-1995-Professor of Geophysics (1999), GI/CSEM. California Institute of Technology ’85, B.S.; University of South Carolina ’88, M.S.; ’91, Ph.D.

Fritze, Kellie-2000-Property Officer (2000), FS.

Froese, Rosemary A.-1990-Business Manager (2000), ATHREC.

Fuhrmann, Sarah-2002-Coordinator/Advisor (2003), ENROLL. Hood College, B.A.

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