Eric Zucker

Eric Zucker

Hometown: Kőszeg, Hungary
Research Technician
Side Hustle:

What inspired you to become a vet tech?
After High school, I started working as a Veterinary Assistant while going to college. Several supervisors recommended I stand for the national exam after having gained the knowledge necessary in the field to use as a stepping-stone in my education. Furthermore, the field of Veterinary Medicine is very broad with many possibilities not only in practice but several other branches.

What did you do before you started at UAF's Department of Veterinary Medicine?
I was a Wildland Fire Fighter (still am) while studying to become an Anatomist (still am).       

What drew you to your current position at DVM?
The possibility to continue my path as an anatomist and to finish my education.

Any cool projects you're working on?
Nothing you can put on the internet (haha!). Every day. Our students require very custom dissections to help them learn a huge amount of materials in a very short amount of time, which means I have to prepare samples of every major structure in multiple species. It never gets boring and never ceases to amaze me what cool things developed through evolution to make life and locomotion possible.

What advice do you have for students interested in going into Veterinary Medicine?
Veterinary and Medical School curriculum is some of the most difficult, mentally challenging subjects to master. Traditional means of studying such large volumes often do not work for students. Mastering 3D visualization and a functional approach to studying while tying that in to how you memorize information goes a very long way (at least in the subject of Anatomy).

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