Frequently asked questions

If you have changed your major with UAF or have used your benefits at another school and are transferring to UAF, you are required to fill out a VA Change form (PDF). Please print this form and submit the form in person to the UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services.

If you are continuing your degree program at another school but taking classes at UAF, you will need to have your parent-school initiate a letter to UAF stating that they will accept classes/credits attempted at UAF. If you are in a UAF degree program taking classes at another institution, please notify the UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services so that a parent-school letter can be generated for the other school.

Please allow 10 business days to process all parent letters.

Any of the following changes to your classes or credits must be reported to the UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services immediately or your benefit payments could be delayed up to 45 days and/or result in an overpayment:

Example: Going from 12.0 credits (full-time) to 9.0 credits (3/4 time) or your classes end or start differently than before. You do need to report when you add or drop a class because it will affect your payments!

Complete and return the Certification Adjustment Form.

Wait listed classes do not reflect in your credit load until you are officially enrolled in the class. You are responsible for getting instructor approval and enrolling in the class through the Registrar's Office.

If during the semester you are called to active duty, please notify the Registrar's Office to discuss the withdrawing of your courses and the possibility of filing an appeal for a reimbursement of tuition and/or fees and also notify the UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services. Our office will need a copy of your orders to submit along with the change to the VA Regional Office.

If you are required to drop/withdraw from a course during the semester for reasons beyond your control (i.e. financial, health, employer, childcare, etc.), you may not be required to pay the VA back the money you were paid for the course(s). Please notify they UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services if mitigating circumstances apply to you or contact the VA Regional Office at (888) 442-4551.

Please note: UAF Department of Military & Veterans Services does not accept responsibility for overpayments that could have been avoided had we been notified in a timely manner.


VA benefitted students rate of pursuit for UAF Summer Sessions:

Session: Credits to be full time:
May-mester 2 credits
Summer Session I 4 credits
Summer Session II 4 credits
FULL Summer Session 8 credits

The VA will only pay for classes that are required in your degree program.

Yes, you do because VA wants to know that you are working towards a degree. However, you can attend school for one semester as a non-declared degree seeking student as long as you are taking General Education Required classes.

VA will send a certificate of eligibility to the mailing address you have provided on the VA application.

The grading policy at the University of Alaska Fairbanks states that an incomplete must be made up within one year or it will automatically be changed to an "F" grade. Because of this policy, the certifying official is not required to report this grade to the VA.

You will need to call VA at 888-442-4551 to see why you are overpaid and call debt management at 800-827-0648 to set up a payment plan.