Current students

Instructions for students already enrolled at UAF

You must request the usage of your benefits every semester.

If you make any changes to your program, address, telephone number or any other biographical information, please submit a VA Change Form (PDF).

Attention Chapter 33 Graduating Seniors: Your $50 graduation application fee is reimbursable by the VA. You must email to request reimbursement at the time that you apply for graduation.

Certification process for continuing students:

Only the classes that are required for your degree program can be certified for VA benefits. You should work with an academic advisor and refer to Degree Works to confirm that classes are required for your program.

Useful links:

  • Course Schedule
  • Course Catalog
    * Register for classes as early as possible. If you are using VA education benefits, you are able to register before other students to ensure there is time to process your benefits.

Complete the Certification Request Form (CRF). The School Certifying Official processes requests after they are turned into the DMVS, in the order they were received. The CRF can be turned in as soon as you register for classes and must be turned in by the first day of class to guarantee processing by the add/drop date. The DMVS will send an email to your email if a class cannot be certified for any reason. The VA will send you a confirmation email when they receive our certification.

If you add or drop a class, fill out a Certification Adjustment Form (CAF) so the DMVS can adjust your certification before overpayments or debts occur. This includes adding classes, dropping classes, swapping classes, wait-listed classes and total withdraws. Changing from an eligible class to an ineligible class could result in an overpayment, and you will be responsible for any ineligible classes. You will receive a confirmation email from the VA when this adjustment is submitted by UAF. Requests are processed within 7-10 business days.

Complete VA Change Form (PDF) to change schools and/or programs.

Maximize all sources of funding by completing a FAFSA application and UAF Scholarship application. Don't forget to check out the scholarships you might be eligible for on our Military and Veteran Services scholarship page as well.

The VA must be informed when any funds arrive to pay all or a portion of your tuition and fees. This may include tuition waivers from departments, the Army, Air Guard, MyCAA, STAP or another source that offers assistance for your TUITION and/or FEES. Please understand that the Post 9/11 Bill is the LAST payer, and failing to notify the School Certifying Official in advance may create an overpayment.

The VA does not pay for on campus housing. You are responsible to pay for any meal or housing plans on the standard residence life timeline.
Your UAF email address will be used for all business with UAF, Confirmation of certifications, issues with class certifications, newsletters and other important, time sensitive information will be sent to your email address only.

Connect to us on Facebook. Come visit us any time! The DMVS is located in 401 Rasmuson Building on the UAF Fairbanks campus. You can reach us over the phone at 907-474-7400 or email