Policies & Procedures

UAF Policies and Regulations for the Appointment and Evaluation of Faculty (the Blue Book) may be found on the Provost's Office web site.

Grade Appeals Policy

Appeals Policy for Academic Decisions

Department Chair Policy

Academic Program Review Policy - (Link)
  Amended 04/03/2017 (Meeting #222)

  Amended 05/05/2014 (Meeting #199)
For more information:
Faculty Senate Coordinator, UAF Governance Office
474-7964  UAF-Faculty-Senate-Office@alaska.edu 
Donie Bret-Harte, Faculty Senate President
474-5434   msbretharte@alaska.edu
Sine Anahita, President-Elect
474-6515    jmanahita@alaska.edu 
Chris Fallen, Past President
450-8687 ctfallen@alaska.edu


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