Outstanding Senate Service of the Year Award

The Outstanding Senate Service of the Year Award is an award to be given by the UAF Faculty Senate for truly outstanding contribution of service for academic quality at the University. The contribution to be recognized would be far beyond that normally made by an individual in the normal performance of his or her job.

The recipient should be a serving member of the UAF Faculty Senate or a serving member of a permanent or standing committee of the Faculty Senate who has made a major contribution to the faculty's and student's welfare, to the faculty's ability to carry out its duties more effectively, to the general betterment of the University outside the teaching and research function, or has shown wise and courageous leadership (and responsibility) on behalf of the faculty and University. This should be an award for service, not teaching or research, above and beyond that normally expected from an individual.

The President and President-Elect of the Faculty Senate are not eligible to receive this award in their positions during their years of service.

Any eligible Faculty Senate member may nominate a candidate for the OSSYA. The letter of nomination should include a brief list of the individual's accomplishments and a cover letter that makes the case for the nominee. The nomination should be submitted to the Faculty Senate office by noon on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Nominations can be placed through the google form or by email to the Faculty Senate office or Faculty Senate President.

The Screening Committee will consist of five members. One member will be appointed from the the Provost Council by the Provost. The Faculty Senate will select four (4) members one of whom will be the President-Elect, and three others, none of whom is a nominee, in the March meeting of the Senate. This committee will meet prior to the April meeting of the Senate to screen all applicants and select one or two candidates that are recommended to the Senate President.  

In the April Faculty Senate meeting, the committee shall move the appropriate resolution(s). After appropriate discussion, the full Senate shall vote by secret ballot on the motions. A simple majority vote of those attending will be necessary for the senate to confirm an OSSYA. The votes will be counted by the President and Secretary of the Senate, and the award is announced by the President of the Senate.

The award is to be presented by the President of the Senate and the form of the award shall be a framed, hand-lettered certificate that contains the resolution passed by the Senate and the signatures of the Faculty Senate President and the President-Elect.


2022-2023 - Dr. Elaine Drew

2021-2022 - Dr. William Simpson

2020-2021 - Dr. Javier Fochesatto

2019-2020 - Dr. Kate Quick

2019-2020 - Dr. Jennifer Carroll

2018-2019 - Dr. Eileen Harney

2018-2019 - Dr. Sandra Wildfeuer

2017-2018 - Dr. Anna Liljedahl

2016-2017 - Dr. Sine Anahita

2015-2016 - Dr. Andrea Ferrante

2014-2015 - Dr. Brian E.G. Cook

2013-2014 - Dr. Franz Meyer

2012-2013 - Dr. Cynthia Hardy

2011-2012 - Dr. David Valentine

2010-2011 - Dr. Rainer Newberry

2009-2010 - Dr. Jennifer Reynolds

2009-2010 - Dr. Anne Christie

2008-2009 - Dr. Amber Flora Thomas

2007-2008 - Dr. Rainer Newberry

2006-2007 - Dr. Larry Roberts

2006-2007 - Dr. Marsha Sousa

2005-2006 - Dr. Sine Anahita

2004-2005 - Dr. Shirish Patil

2003-2004 - Dr. C. Peter McRoy

2003-2004 - Dr. Jane Weber

2002-2003 - Dr. Ron Illingworth