Upcycle Annex

The Upcycle Annex is a student-run repair cafe space. Although these cafes are a
fairly new concept that aim to fix throwaway culture, they have rapidly spread across the world since originating in Amsterdam.
A repair cafĂ© is a meeting place in which people repair household electrical and mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, clothing, and more. They may be events, or - like the Upcycle Annex -  they may be a fixed location where tools and supplies are available for individuals to use to fix broken goods, often with the help
of volunteers. Repair cafe objectives are to reduce waste, to teach and maintain repair skills, and to strengthen community. 

The Upcycle Annex has an assortment of tools, supplies, and reference books available during open hours and workshops are organized throughout the year.

Spring 2022 hours: 
 Monday, 2-4 p.m.
 Thursday, 2-4 p.m.
  Available for private reservations (free of charge) other days of the week. Email cmkemper@alaska.edu