RISE Board

The student-led RISE Board was established in 2010 to ensure student control of the Student Sustainability Fee.

The RISE Board meets regularly to discuss the programs and projects funded by the fee. They also approve all projects funded by the Green Revolving Fund and review the annual budget each year.


ASUAF President Appointed Student

Seat A

Bethany Mattala

ASUAF Senate Appointed Students

Seat B

Billy Morrow

Hello, my name is Billy Morrow.  I am a second year student here at UAF.  I'm double majoring in Education and History, with a minor in fire science.  I hope y'all stay safe in these historic times!  


Seat C


RISE Appointed Students

Seat D

Danny-Jesse Alvarez


Seat E

Robin Andrews

Robin has a long history at UAF and is currently a graduate student with the Dept of Biology and Wildlife. I work on soil microarthropods. These very small arthropods, less than 2mm in length, are vital to soil processes.


Seat F

Cachet Garrett, Chair

Hello! My name is Cachet, I am a graduate student at UAF and I am absolutely delighted to be involved with UAF’s Office of Sustainability! I am a lifelong volunteer here in service to the planet and the earthlings that live on it, and I have the honor of serving as Chair of the Review of Infrastructure, Sustainability, and Energy (RISE) Board for the 2020-2021 academic year. I began serving with RISE in early 2019 as an ASUAF appointee and served last year as the Vice Chair of the board. I enjoy participating in several of our program offerings—notably our student gardening club, called Nanook Grown, where I am expanding my passion for gardening and enjoying the empowerment of growing my own real food. I would love to see this program grow and sustain more UAF students! Just imagine if all of us were growing some amount of food for ourselves… how cool would that be?!

I first realized at the age of 16, growing up in Palmer, Alaska, that I was drawn to a life of attaining a sustainable existence and a sense of connection to the earth, as well as engaging in communication and leadership of these themes. To this end, I have been involved in many projects and organizations over time. In 2005, as an undergraduate student in Juneau, I founded an environmental club at UAS. I was a member of Turning the Tides, a grassroots nonprofit in Juneau that works for the sustainability and protection of our oceans. As a member of the Fairbanks community, I stay tuned in to the happenings of local environmental and sustainability focused work and I am eager to develop RISE’s partnerships with members and agencies in our community. Reach out to me at ctgarrett@alaska.edu!


RISE Appointed Faculty

Seat G


RISE Appointed Staff

Seat H

Chris VanDyck

RISE Appointed Community Member

Seat I

Wyatt Hurlbut

Chancellor's Selection (MPC)

Seat J


ASUAF President

Seat K

Riley von Borstel, Vice-Chair

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