Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability is the central hub of all programs funded by the sustainability portion of the Fairbanks Consolidated Fee. UAF Recycling, Green Bikes, the FreeStore, the Upcycle Annex, Nanook Grown, and the Wood Center Food Pantry all report to the Office of Sustainability.  Programming, events, student support and community resources are also provided.

The Office of Sustainability is located in Wood Center 101K. 



Events include workshops, volunteer opportunities, community excursions, sustainability-focused student activities and social events. The program also collaborates with other departments on campus to make events more sustainable and participates in both campus and community events.

Academic support is provided in the form of unique student internships, faculty assistance with classes, and help for individual students with finding resources for sustainability focused assignments, projects, and proposals.

The Green Revolving Fund for sustainability projects is administered through the Office of Sustainability. Departments and individuals may apply.

Education and support for students and community members wanting to be more sustainable in their day-to-day lives is available. Department consultations for campus offices that would like to be more environmentally friendly are available as well.