Green Bikes



THE GREEN BIKES PROGRAM offers students an affordable option for sustainable transportation. Long-term and short term bike rentals are
available, as well as Fatbikes and a tandem bike. In addition to low students rates we have an employee buy-in membership program and provide bike rentals to the community as well. Safety is important; all renters are required to have a helmet.

Student rental rates: 3-months or semester, whichever is longest - $45; Week - $30; Weekend - $20; Day - $15.

Non-student rental rates: Currently long term rentals for non-students is not being offered, but short term still is. Week - $100; Weekend - $70; Day - $40.

Fat bike: Student rate -- Week - $85; Weekend - $55; Day - $35. Non-student -- Week - $200; Weekend - $125; Day - $45.

Tandem bike: Student rate -- Week - $55; Weekend - $35; Day - $25. Non-student -- Week - $190; Weekend - $130; Day - $70.

Helmet: $30 - yours to keep.

Anyone can come in to use the tools and resources available in the shop (a fee is charged for parts) for their own bike. All basic hand tools are ready for use, including specialty tools such as crank puller, tube patch kit, spoke wrench, etc. This also includes degreasers, ball bearings, and grease/chain oil. While we do not repair personal bikes, we have mechanics on hand to teach you how to repair it yourself.  The Green Bikes shop is located in Wood Center 116.

UAF Green Bikes Staff
(907) 474-7375

1731 S Chandalar Drive
Fairbanks, AK, 9977
This link can be used to schedule an appointment for a bike rental, repair, or to return a bike.

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