K-12 Educators

2020 Courses will become available throughout fall 2019. For an idea of what courses have been offered, take a look at our course list from 2019.

UAF Summer Sessions works with many local instructors and organizations to offer a variety of Professional Development courses for Alaskan teachers. Please note that not all courses are in the Fairbanks area. Contact Summer Sessions at 907-474-7021 for more information on upcoming courses.

Please note: Consult the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development with questions about Continuing Education Credits and Alaska Studies courses and how they apply to your field or course of study.




History of Alaska*
Instructor:  John Heaton
Course No:
ACNS F661-F61 (CRN 51667), ACNS F461-F62 (CRN 51668) video
HIST F461-F61 (CRN 51665), HIST F461-F62 (CRN 51666) video
HIST F662-F61 (CRN 51669), HIST F662-F62 (CRN 51670) video
3 Credits
Meets: May 20-June 28
Monday & Wednesday, 10:00am-12:00pm
Duck 344
Alaska from prehistoric times to the present, including major themes such as Native Alaska, colonial and military Alaska, statehood, Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 and the Alaska National Interest Lands Act of 1980.

Geography of Alaska*
Instructor: Benjamin Christian
Course No:
GEOG 302-F61 (CRN 51665)
3 Credits
Meets: July 1-Aug 9
Monday-Thurs, 2:00pm-3:50pm
Duck 344
Regional, physical and economic geography of Alaska. Special consideration of the state's renewable and nonrenewable resources and of plans for their wise use. Frequent class study of representative maps and visual materials.

Native Cultures of Alaska*
Instructor: Deborah Mekiana
Course No:
ANS F242x-F71 (CRN 51829)
3 Credits
Meets: July 1-Aug 9
Times: Monday & Wednesday, 10:00am-11:50am, DISTANCE Blackboard
Location: Brooks 103

Arctic and Earth SIGNs: Climate Change in My Community
Instructor: Elena Spellman
Course No:
ED F595-F01 (CRN 51791)
ED F595P-F01 (CRN 51795)
3 Credits
Application and Acceptance required. Deadline April 1. Contact cbuffington@alaska.edu for info.
Meets: June 10-14
Monday-Friday, 8:00am-7:00pm
This course is for educators, youth group leaders, and/or community members interested in learning more about the impacts and feedbacks of a warming Arctic. You and the youth you work with will collaborate with UAF and NASA scientists to conduct an investigation using Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) citizen science protocols and inquiry learning methods and use these data, satellite data, and the knowledge of community elders to inform a climate change stewardship or adaptation project in the place you live throughout the school year. Taking this course will engage you in a project called Arctic and Earth STEM integrating GLOBE and NASA (SIGNs), which is funded through a cooperative agreement with NASA.

*These courses are approved by the State of Alaska for Alaska Studies courses. 

Do Tuition Waivers count towards these courses?

Tuition waivers from University staff or faculty benefits do not always apply to these courses. Contact Summer Sessions for more details on which courses waivers can apply to.