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2020 Free Events

Summer 2020 Events - That's  a Wrap!

Thanks to all who participated in our virtual public events series this summer.

If you missed these events on KUAC, you can still enjoy them on YouTube. Visit our Events page for video links.

Watch the virtual versions of our 2020 Events on YouTube
Fall 2020 free kid programs

Free programs for kids

Get to know reindeer and/or learn about sled dogs and dog mushing...for free.

Check out these two free programs:  Get to Know Some Local Reindeer, with George Aguiar and Ask a Musher, with Mary Shields.



Explore these free made-for-kids programs here
COVID talk square

Healthy Living Lectures with timely information

Just in time for the start of the school year, Drs. Mishelle Nace and David Bridgman-Packer share valuable insights. 

Watch their two-part presentation on COVID, Kids, and Coping.  You'll find the links to the YouTube versions here.

Find the COVID, Kids, and Coping videos here