The method for registration will differ depending on whether you are a new or continuing student.

If you are a continuing student, you must register for your courses in your student account at UAOnline .

Otherwise, you can complete the Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning Online Registration form.

For more details, see the Who Are You? page on this site.

Please note: The maximum credit policy outlined below is the same for all students.

Maximum Credit Policy

Summer Sessions courses, while taught in a compressed time period, still require work equivalent to a full-length course offered during spring or fall semesters.

Summer workloads can be very heavy. Registration is limited to 1.25 weekly credit hours during any single week. A weekly credit hour is equal to course credit divided by course length.

Examples of Weekly Credit Hours:

  • 3 Cr - Six-week session = 0.50 weekly credits.
  • 3 Cr - Full session (12 weeks) = 0.25 weekly credits.

In a six-week session, you can take a maximum of seven credits. In a full session you can take a maximum of 14 credits.

To enroll with an overload (more than 1.25 weekly credit hours) requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and advisor approval on the Summer Sessions Credit Overload Approval Form.

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