2019 Events

Monday - Down Memory Lane

Tuesday - Healthy Living Lecture Series

Wednesday - Discover Alaska Lecture Series

Thursday - Music in the Garden

Past Events


Legacy Lecture - Dermot and Terrence Cole

7/8 - An evening with Dermot and Terrence Cole
7 pm Davis Concert Hall

It's a safe bet that twin brothers Terrance and Dermot Cole together have written more articles and books on Fairbanks and Alaska than any living authors. Together for this year's Legacy Lecture, they muse on their shared history, including their time at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as well as what lies ahead.

Down Memory Lane Series

7 PM - Murie Auditorium

6/3  Aldona Jonaitis - Director, UA Museum of the North, 1993-2009

6/10  Joan Braddock -  Professor of Biology and Dean, College of Natural Science and Mathematics, 1977-2009

6/17 Larry Kaplan - Professor of Linguistics and Director of the Alaska Native Language Center, 1974-2017

6/24  Pete Pinney - Professor of English and Associate Vice Chancellor for Rural and Community Development, 1985-2017

7/15  Frank Soos - Professor of Creative Writing, 1986-2004

7/22  Doug Goering - Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean, College of Engineering and Mines, 1989-2018

7/29  Phyllis Morrow -  Professor of Anthropology and Dean, College of Liberal Arts, 1987-2007

8/5  Ron Smith - Professor of Zoology, 1968-1997

Healthy Living Lecture Series

7 PM - Murie Auditorium

5/28    EARssentials: Hearing & Balance Basics - Dr. Lily Hughes, Clinical Audiologist

6/4   Understanding Chronic Pain and How It Can Be Conservatively Managed - Rachel Campbell and Jake Kretschmar, Physical Therapists

6/11   Headaches and Migraines. How to Tell the Difference and What To Do About It - Dr. Joshua Costello, Chiropractic Medicine

6/18   What Does It Take to Be Financially Healthy? - Ben Roth, Financial Advisor

6/25   What's In Your Colon? The Connection Between Optimal Health and the Digestive System - Tonya Brown, Licensed Colon Hydrotherapist

7/9   Epigenetics: Unlocking Your Genetic Potential - Dr. Ashley May, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

7/16   Sleep Physiology, Common Disorders, and General Health - Dr. Clay Triplehorn,  Osteopathic Medicine

7/23   What to Expect in Ageing Eyes - Dr. Michael Mavencamp, Optometrist

7/30   Keep Your Smile! How Oral Health & General Health are Interconnected, and Amazing Advances in Dentistry over the Past 45 Years - Dr. Ron Teel, Retired Dentist

8/6   Is Testosterone Replacement A Panacea for Middle Age Men? - Dr. Muhammad Ahmed, Endocrinologist

Discover Alaska Lecture Series

7 PM - Murie Auditorium

5/29   What is a Folk School? - Kerri Hamos, Program Director -The Folk School

6/5   Climate Change Impacts on Insects in Alaska and Globally - Derek Sikes, Curator of Insects - University of Alaska Museum of the North, Professor of Entomology - Department of Biology and Wildlife 

6/12   Unmanned Aerial Systems: Their Capabilities, Potential, and Current Research Uses - Peter Webley, Associate Director of Research - ACUASI

6/19 Reading Natures Story- Interpreting Tracks and Signs of Alaska’s Wildlife - Mike Taras, Wildlife Education and Outreach Specialist - Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

6/26 Responses, Risks, and Resilience of Arctic Marine Mammals in a Changing Climate - Donna Hauser, International Arctic Research Center

7/10 Chena Slough and River Changes Over the Past 100 Years - Bob Henszey Branch Chief, Conservation Planning Assistance - US Fish & Wildlife Services

7/17 Landslides and Science Education in Denali National Park and Preserve - Denny Capps, Geologist - Denali National Park and Preserve; and Sierra McLane, National Park Service Director - Murie Science and Learning Center

7/24 Alaska's Berries and their Changing Seasons - Katie Spellman PhD, Research Assistant Professor -UAF International Arctic Research Center

7/31 Earth's Aurora vs Jupiter's Aurorae- Peter Delamere, Professor of Space Physics - University of Alaska Fairbanks

8/7 From Cabbage to Cannabis - Twenty years on a subarctic farm - Mike Emers, Owner - Rosie Creek Farm

8/14 The Future of Eielson: Fifth Generation Fighters Pioneering Airpower’s Frontier - Colonel Benjamin W. Bishop, Commander of the 354th Fighter Wing, Eielson Air Force Base

Music in the Garden

May 23  Sourdough Rizers

May 30  Dry Cabin String Band

June 6  O Tallulah

June 13  Cold Steel Drums

June 20  Rock Bottom Stompers

June 27  Headbolt Heaters

July 11  Marc Brown and The Blues Crew

July 18  Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival American roots ensemble

July 25  Red Hackle Pipe Band

Aug. 1 Fairbanks Community Jazz Band

Aug. 8  E.T. Barnette String Band


Terrence Cole - The Final Lecture

Terrence Cole - The Final Lecture

2018 Legacy Lecture with Neal Brown

A conversation with Neal Brown and Q & A session at the June 4 event

Down Memory Lane Series

June 11 - Down Memory Lane with Dan Swift Conversation with Dan Swift, Professor Emeritus, Physics, 1963-1994

June 18 - Down Memory Lane with Charles Deehr Conversation with Charles Deehr, Professor of Physics, 1958-1988

June 25 - Down Memory Lane with Bob Carlson Conversation with Bob Carlson, Professor of Civil Engineering, 1968-2005

July 9 - Down Memory Lane with Barbara and Clif Lando Conversation with Barbara Lando, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, 1969-1990 and Clif Lando, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 1969-1999

July 16 - Down Memory Lane with Sue McHenry Conversation with Sue McHenry, Academic Advisor, 1972-2008

July 23 - Down Memory Lane with Susan Henrichs Conversation with Susan Henrichs, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, 1982-2018

July 30 - Down Memory Lane with Peggy Shumaker Conversation with Peggy Shumaker, Professor of English, 1985-1999

August 6 - Down Memory Lane with Kes Woodward Conversation with Kes Woodward, Professor of Art, 1981-2000

Healthy Living Lecture Series

May 29 - Stress and the Balloon Animal Presented by Mike Bork, Stress Management Consultant and Coach

June 5 - Pain – Reasons Beyond Inflammation: How Osteopathic Medicine can address function and pain to keep you moving Presented by Todd Capistrant, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

June 12 - Mechanics of Memory: How it Breaks Down and How to Fix It Presented by Scott Luper, Naturopathic Doctor

June 19 - Head Over Heels for Balance Presented by Cheryl Sackett, Physical Therapist and Heidi Watkins, Athletic Trainer, Certified PT Assistant

June 26 - The Obesity Paradox Presented by Muhammad Ahmed, MD, Endocrinologist

July 10 - Addressing Opioids and Methamphetamines in 2018—Alaska Communities Respond Presented by Jay Butler, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services; Director, Division of Public Health

July 17 - Secrets to Personal Medication Management: at home, during travel, and how to dispose properly of medications Presented by Karen Miller, R.Ph., Registered Pharmacist

July 24 - Travel and Global Health. How to stay healthy and alive when traveling and not become a victim or a public health concern when returning home Presented by Dennis Rogers, PA-C, Certified Physician Assistant

July 31 - Dry Needling: Effective Treatment for Muscle Pain Presented by Denise Jerome, PT, Physical Therapist

August 7 - What it means to be a Community Hospital and the Foundation Health Partners – Mayo Clinic Relationship Presented by Michael Swenson, MD, TVC CMO, and Jim Lynch, FMH CEO

Discover Alaska Lecture Series

May 30 - 30+ Years of Gardening in the Interior Presented by  Terry Reichardt, Master Gardener

June 6 - Walter Harper, Alaska Native Son Presented by Mary Erhlander, Director, UAF Arctic and Northern Studies Program

June 13- Dinosaurs of Darkness: The latest on Alaska’s dinosaur research Presented by Patrick Druckenmiller, Earth Sciences Curator, University of Alaska Museum and Associate Professor, UAF Department of Geosciences

June 20- Tundra be Dammed: Beaver colonization of the Arctic Presented by Ken Tape,Ecologist, UAF Institute of Northern Engineering

June 27- HAARP: New frontiers in space science on the Last Frontier Presented by Nettie LaBelle-Hamer, Deputy Director, UAF Geophysical Institute

July 11 - Responding to Rapid Environmental Change in Alaska’s Arctic Presented by Hajo Eicken, Director, International Arctic Research Center

July 18- Ruth Burnett Fish Hatchery and Stocking Interior Waters Presented by Travis Hyer, Assistant Hatchery Manager, Ruth Burnett Sport Fish Hatchery

July 25 - Alaska at a Crossroads: How the struggle over the Permanent Fund Dividend divides and unites Alaskans Presented by Dermot Cole, Author and Journalist

August 1 - Eielson Update on the F-35s Presented by Kevin Blanchard, Director, 354th Fighter Wing F-35, Program Integration Office, Eielson Air Force Base

August 8 - Scuba Diving in Alaska’s Waters Presented by Mitch Osborne, Owner and Katherine Sample, Instructor, Test the Waters


2017 Legacy Lecture with Karen Parr

A conversation with Karen Parr

Q & A session at the June 5 event

Centennial Celebration Speaker Series

June 18 - Centennial Celebration Speaker Series with Mark Hamilton  Conversation with Mark Hamilton, University of Alaska President

June 25 - Centennial Celebration Speaker Series with Dana Thomas Conversation with Dana Thomas, UAF Interim Chancellor and UA Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research

July 23 - Centennial Celebration Speaker Series with Wendy Redman Conversation with Wendy Redman, University of Alaska Vice President

July 30- Centennial Celebration Speaker Series with Marshall Lind Conversation with Marshall Lind, UAF Chancellor

August 27- Centennial Celebration Speaker Series with Brian Rogers Conversation with Brian Rogers, UAF Chancellor

Down Memory Lane Series

June 12 - Down Memory Lane with Larry Bennett and Bill Mendenhall  Conversation with Larry Bennett, Professor Emeritus, Engineering Management, 1968–77 and Bill Mendenhall, Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering, 1955–87

June 19 - Down Memory Lane with Rudy Krejci Conversation with Rudy Krejci, Professor Emeritus, Philosophy and Humanities, 1960–97

June 26 - Down Memory Lane with Carl Benson and Will Harrison Conversation with Carl Benson, Professor Emeritus, Geology and Geophysics, 1960–87 and Will Harrison, Professor Emeritus, Physics, 1972–98

July 10 - Down Memory Lane with Bill Brody Conversation with Bill Brody, Professor Emeritus, Art, 1967–2000

July 17- Down Memory Lane with Anne Shinkwin Conversation with Anne Shinkwin, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, 1971–91

July 24- Down Memory Lane with Paul McCarthy Conversation with Paul McCarthy, Professor Emeritus, Library Science, 1964–91

July 31- Down Memory Lane with Paul Reichardt and Terry Chapin Conversation with Paul Reichardt, Professor Emeritus, Chemistry, 1972–2007 and Terry Chapin, Distinguised Professor Emeritus, Biology, 1973–2011

August 7- Down Memory Lane with Dave Klein and Dan Hawkins Conversation with Dave Klein, Professor Emeritus, Wildlife Management, 1962–97 and Dan Hawkins, Professor Emeritus, Geology and Chemistry, 1967–90

Healthy Living Lecture Series

May 30 - Avoiding and Eliminating Modern Diseases of Affluence Through Nutritional Excellence  Presented by John Huffer, MD, Urologist

June 6 - Skin Cancer 101  Presented by Brooke Walls, DO, Dermatologist

June 13- Demystifying the Fourth Floor: What happens in an inpatient psychiatric ward   Presented by Vanessa Venezia, MD, Psychiatrist; Michelle Tirrell, Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Bobbi Ross, Occupational Therapist Registered/Licensed

June 20- Marijuana and Health: The highs and lows   Presented byJay Butler, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services; Director, Division of Public Health

June 27- Parks and Recreation: Community health at your fingertips   Presented byMike Bork, Director, Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks and Recreation

July 11- Is This an Emergency? Do I Need to See a Doctor Now?   Presented by Anne Hanley, DO, Pediatrician and Mark Simon, MD, Emergency Room Physician

July 18- Arthritis in Alaska   Presented by Raymond Wilson, MD, Rheumatologist

July 25- Are You Steady on Your Feet? Ways to keep you there   Presented by Cheryl Sackett, Physical Therapist and Heidi Watkins, Athletic Trainer Certified and Physical Therapist Assistant

August 1- Moving Toward a Plant-based Diet   Presented by Katie Garrity, RDN, LD, Registered and Licensed Dietitian

August 8- Laugh Yourself Healthy with Laughter Yoga   Presented by Mike Bork, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

Discover Alaska Lecture Series

May 31- A Century of Earthquakes in Central Alaska   Presented by  Carl Tape, UAF Associate Professor of Geophysics

June 14- Partnerships in Fire Resilience: How to prevent fires and prepare yourself and your home   Presented by Doug Schrage,Chief, UAF Fire Department

June 21- Adventures of the Sikuliaq: Living and working on a research ship   Presented by Bradley Moran, Dean, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

June 28- To Protect and To Share: A walkabout of two northern national parks with an Oldtyme Ranger   Presented by Greg Dudgeon, Superintendent, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, and Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve

July 12- Why This Former East Coast Kid Values America’s Last Frontier   Presented by Don Striker, Superintendent, Denali National Park and Preserve

July 19- Alaskans in Conversation  Presented by Robert Hannon, Journalist and On-call News Producer, KUAC

July 26- The 150th Anniversary of the Alaska Purchase  Presented by Dermot Cole, Author and Journalist

August 2- The History of the African American Community in Fairbanks  Presented byDorothy Jones, UAF Associate Professor, Emeritus

August 9- As Green As It Gets  Presented by Karl Kassel, Mayor, Fairbanks North Star Borough


August 14 - A Conversation with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor


June 12 - An Evening with Gloria Steinem

Healthy Living Lecture Series
June 16 - "Medication Therapy Managment: How it can save your life!"  Presented by Leah Scadden, Clinical Staff Pharmacist

Discover Alaska Lecture Series
June 17 - "The Lost Alaskans: The mentally handicapped who were sent to Oregon's Morningside Hospital"  Presented by  Niesje Steinkruger, Retired Superior Court Judge


2014 Healthy Living and Discover Alaska Lectures are available as a YouTube playlist. Please click the links to view the recordings.

June 2: Honoring the late Helen Atkinson

May 19: Incivility and Gridlock in Washington: Why America Needs The Village Square (presentation)     The Village Square Handout

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