Whether you are a degree-seeking student, want to learn a new hobby, or looking to take a class to expand your knowledge, Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning has a course for you! 

We offer a variety of summer courses to fit all schedules, and keep degree-seeking students on track for graduation while also experiencing Fairbanks in the summer. Our sessions span from May to August, with full 12 week sessions, and two 6-week sessions. All Summer courses are priced at the in-state tuition level!

We don't only offer summer courses! We also run courses during WINTERmester MAYmester and AUGUSTmester.     These sessions are highly compressed, two-week sessions to get a 3-credit course done fast. These courses take place during the weeks before Spring semester starts, after Spring finals, and hjust before fall semester begins. 

For community members and students looking for new skills or creative opportunities, we also offer non-credit courses during our summer sessions and WINTERmester and MAYmester, often workshop-style.