Emerging Scholars Academy

First year students can join the Emerging Scholars Academy and become part of a learning community cohort.

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About Emerging Scholars Academy

ESA is a nine-day intensive summer bridge program and cohorted learning community that includes:

Classic and STEM tracks

Each program track (STEM and Classic) is designed for 15 students who plan to attend at least one class in-person in the fall.

Summer bridge: Aug. 12-21, 2024

  • Early move in to campus housing
  • FREE personalized math prep course
  • Behind the scenes tours of campus
  • Exciting outdoor Alaska field trip
    • Ride the train from Denali National Park & Preserve to Fairbanks
  • Friendships and support that can last throughout your time at UAF and beyond

Fall semester

  • FREE General Education Class (GER)
    • Intro to Psychology or
    • Intro to American Government & Politics
  • FREE College Success Skills Course
    • Embedded tutoring & key strategies for academic success

Spring semester

Living Learning Community

Want to move into your dorm room two weeks early, make friends that will last throughout your time at UAF and take free courses taught by handpicked instructors? The SSS Emerging Scholars Academy is a Living Learning Community that sets you up for success in your first year of college. 


ESA contacts


You qualify if you meet the following criteria:

  • Incoming first-year student for upcoming fall semester
  • Intend to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program
  • Place into WRTG 111X (preferred)
  • Join the Student Support Services program
  • Plan to attend UAF in person for upcoming fall semester


  • SAVE more than $2,000 in tuition!
  • EARN eight to nine free credits, including General Education Requirements.
  • Move in EARLY to on campus housing (early move-in is pro-rated).
  • Make FRIENDS that can last throughout your entire college career!


  • There is ZERO cost to the student! ESA is a federally funded program offered exclusively by Student Support Services.



Application checklist Deadline
Be admitted to UAF for fall  semester June 15
Complete Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Submit ASAP
Apply for SSS June
Apply for ESA June-July
Participate in ESA nine-day intensive Early August
(intensive completed the week before the first day of fall semester)