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Part IX—Student Affairs, Chapter VII, Student Organizations

Chapter 09.07 - Student Organizations

P09.07.010. General Statement: Student Organizations.
  1. In recognition of the value of broadening student educational, social, cultural, recreational, and leadership experiences and opportunities for personal growth, the University of Alaska will provide opportunities for the establishment of student organizations around common goals and objectives.
  2. Student organizations governed by this policy may include, but are not limited to, student government, student clubs, campus clubs, honor societies, sororities and fraternities, and student media. While student organizations may be informally formed within the university community, those that register with the university in accordance with P09.07.040 will acquire privileges as well as concurrent responsibilities.
  3. Registration of an organization does not imply endorsement by the university of the organization or its views, goals, or objectives, but rather reflects the university's commitment, expressed in P09.01.016, to a campus environment supportive of free expression through reasoned discourse.


P09.07.020. Definitions.

In this chapter

  1. "campus club" means an organization whose membership is a combination of students and faculty, staff, alumni, and/or local community members with common goals and objectives;
  2. "honor society" means an organization for which membership is contingent upon established scholastic performance and may require a particular major; an honor society may have a national or international affiliation;
  3. "registered student organization" means an organization that has complied with the conditions set out in P09.07.040.B and C. and applicable MAU rules and procedures; registration provides a student organization the benefits set out in Regents' Policy 09.07.040.A;
  4. "sorority" and "fraternity" means a campus chapter affiliated with a national sorority or fraternity that has complied with the conditions set out in Regents' Policy 09.07.060 and applicable MAU rules and procedures;
  5. "student club" means an organization whose membership is solely students with common goals and objectives;
  6. "student government" means an organization established for student self-governance that has been recognized by the president as the official representative of a student body to the university;
  7. "student media organization" means a newspaper, radio station, or other mass media organization operated by students.


P09.07.030. Rights and Responsibilities of All Student Organizations.
  1. Whether registered with the university or not, all student organizations and their members and guests must comply with applicable regents' policy, university regulation, and MAU rules and procedures, including the Student Code of Conduct. Any student organization not in compliance will be subject to sanction, including revocation of registration and denial of access to university funding, facilities, and services.
  2. No student organization will be denied registration, or recognition in the case of student government organizations, by the university or denied access to university funding, facilities, or services on the basis of the views espoused by its members. Neither registration nor recognition, however, will imply endorsement of the views, goals, or objectives of the organization by the university. The university may at its discretion require a student organization to assert that its statements or viewpoints are not attributable to or endorsed by the university.


P09.07.040. Registration of Student Organizations.
  1. Student organizations registered with the university:
    1. may apply to student government for funding derived from student fees;
    2. have priority of access over community or non-registered student organizations to university services and facilities;
    3. may, in accordance with regents' policy , university regulation , and MAU rules and procedures, use the university logo, trademarks, servicemarks, and name in connection with their activities, publications, and products; and
    4. have access to university advisors regarding their management and operation.
  2. As a condition for registering, student organizations must provide the following:
    1. the name of the organization;
    2. organizational goals and objectives;
    3. membership criteria;
    4. officers or other authorized representatives; and
    5. other information specified in MAU rules and procedures.
  3. Student organizations registered with the university must agree in writing at the time of registration:
    1. to assume sole responsibility for their debts and contracts;
    2. to use university business offices and practices for financial transactions;
    3. to submit records for audit, or to undergo other reviews the chancellor may request, to ensure the organization complies with legal requirements and regents' policy, university regulation , and MAU rules and procedures;
    4. to avoid any unauthorized representation that they are agents of the university or that their views or actions are attributable to or endorsed by the university;
    5. to refrain from stating or implying that they speak for or represent anyone other than their membership;
    6. to obtain an official advisor in accordance with MAU rules and procedures; and
    7. not to engage in illegal acts or discrimination or other acts or forms of discrimination that may be prohibited by regents' policy , university regulation , or MAU rules and procedures.


P09.07.060. Sororities and Fraternities.

Chancellors will establish MAU rules and procedures governing sororities and fraternities that may include, but are not limited to student conduct, judicial review, on- and off-campus activities, advisors, and housing. The local chapter of the national sorority or fraternity will be required to agree in writing to comply with the MAU rules and procedures as a condition for registration.


University Regulation Part IX – student affairs

Chapter 09.07 - Student Organizations

R09.07.040. Registration of Student Organizations.
  1. Use of university logo, trademarks, or servicemarksStudent organizations must sign a license agreement with the university in order to use a university logo, trademark, or servicemark in connection with any of their activities, publications, and products. A standard form of license agreement will be prepared by the office of the general counsel.