Starting a New Student Organization 

  1. Fill out the form under "Register An Organization" on Nanook Engage under the "Organizations" tab. You must include a constitution, mission and vision statement.
  2. Arrange to meet with the Student Involvement Coordinator to go over your club registration. Email meeting requests to uaf-sli@alaska.edu.
  3. If your club meets the requirements set out by the Board of Regents and the Student Leadership and Involvement Office, you are set!

Applications submitted mid-semester will be considered and reviewed, but will not be eligible for full recognition until the following semester.

Registered organizations benefits

  • $75 for graphics use (flyers, banners, logo design, business cards, etc.) 
  • May apply for student government funding
  • Have priority of access over community or non-registered student organizations to university services and facilities
  • May use the UAF logo and name in connection with their activities and publications in accordance with University Relations policy
  • Have access to university advisors regarding their management and operation
  • Access to Pro-Cards
  • Card readers to track attendance through Nanook Engage