Rural Human Services

Rural Human Services

The UAF Rural Human Services program offers a culturally appropriate training program designed for rural, village-based human service workers.

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About us

The UAF Rural Human Services program is designed for rural, village-based human service workers interested in growing their skills and supporting their communities. Developed in partnership with locals, Elders, faculty, and Alaska Native agencies, the program is Indigenous-focused and connects personal healing, leadership, and wellness.

Students in the program can expect to gain skills and knowledge in  areas such as substance abuse, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, interpersonal violence, grief and healing.  The education model used is specifically intended to fit the educational needs of the adult Alaska Native learner.

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Why join the RHS program?

Inclusive Delivery

The human services certificate program is delivered through monthly one-week intensives (face-to-face classes where you can interact with professors, Elders, and  peers) over two academic years. The unique cohort model builds strong relationships of trust between students, faculty, and leaders. 

Hands-on Learning

In the human services program, we encourage you to apply your learning to your life and in your community. Projects have included suicide prevention activities, interviewing Elders on life before colonization, and using arts and crafts and talking circles to help women who have experienced trauma to share their stories.

Relevant Courses

Courses for the certificate in rural human services focus on developing counseling and case management skills to address key social issues such as interpersonal violence, mental illness and recovery, substance abuse, grief and family systems. Alaska Native values and culture are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Opportunities for Growth

The rural human services certificate meets 50% of the requirements for the associate degree in human services. This allows you to easily take the next step in your education if you choose to.


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