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Since 1983, RAHI has been giving rural and Alaska Native students an unforgettable crash course in college success.
At RAHI, students earn up to 11 college credits in six weeks and learn how to thrive academically by experiencing life on campus, building self-confidence, and developing a state-wide community to carry with them throughout their lives.

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RAHI provides a very real sense of struggling together academically with the comrades in your cohort. Learning to thrive in that environment and how to work through academic and interpersonal stress is vital to surviving anywhere.Wilfried Zibell, RAHI 2016
RAHI really reinforced the self-discipline and commitment it takes to succeed in college and really provided me the confidence I needed to transition from a small village to a University. I also made lifelong friends who I still stay in touch with and remain connected to RAHI because I am a believer in what the program is about and what it has done for students who have participated.Lt. Colonel Wayne Don, RAHI 1989
If I hadn't gone to RAHI, I wouldn't know what to do with my life at this point.Rachel DeWilde, RAHI 2009
RAHI is an opportunity I wish every high school student could experience. The curriculum is fast-paced and exciting,” he said. “The program catapulted me forward in terms of my education and prepared me for college and later medical school.Benjamin Renshaw, RAHI 2009
In the beginning, it was challenging because I was away from home, from family, for the summer, but then once you actually go out there to meet other students that were there, you have almost like the best friends there.Nelson Kanuk, RAHI 2012
If I hadn't gone to RAHI, I wouldn't know what it felt like to be at a university, to feel that pressure, to feel like a minority, to even know how to navigate these foreign systems.Edward Alexander, RAHI 1993 & 1994
It's really neat to be around people from all over and be all together and learn new things.Phylicia Don, RAHI 2012
RAHI taught me so much about making choices and making decisions that are important in college.Jolene John, RAHI 1989