Rural Alaska Honors Institute is recruiting for a variety of positions for this summer's program. This is a great opportunity to work with college-bound high school students from rural Alaska. All contract dates will be May 21st through July 15th.
Residence Hall Positions
  • Tutor/Counselor - This is an energetic and immersive position where you'll lead a group of 6-10 students through the program. The main job duties include tutoring, mentoring, community-building, event coordination, and student support.
  • Night Monitor - Great fit for a night owl! This position serves to provide a presence in the dorm after hours. Duties include office hours, responding to student needs, and monitoring the halls.
  • Logistics Coordinator - This is an energetic position that requires organization and flexibility. Duties include anticipating the basic needs of students and staff, purchasing food and supplies for the dorm and excursions, and event coordination.
You must be 21+ and have a clean, valid driver's license to work in the residence hall. Compensation includes salary, food, and on-site housing for the duration of the program. Click here to apply to be a tutor/counselor or night monitor. This is a pool application, so be sure to indicate in your cover letter which position you're applying for. To apply to the logistics coordinator position, click here.