RAHI Job Heading
These positions will run from 5/23/21-7/17/21 and will be open until filled. All positions will be in person.
Instructor for ANS F242X Indigenous Cultures of Alaska (3 credits)
Course Description: The traditional Aleut, Eskimo and Indian (Athabascan and Tlingit) cultures of Alaska. Eskimo and Indian cultures in Canada. Linguistic and cultural groupings, population changes, subsistence patterns, social organization and religion in terms of local ecology. Pre-contact interaction between groups.
Course Schedule: Monday - Friday 8:00-9:40am
Instructor for ED F111 Teaching for Alaska's Future (3 credits)
Course Description: Participants will complete a series of six web-based modules introducing and investigating five core practices in place-based teaching and classroom management. For students interested in pursuing a teaching certification program, this course provides an introduction to the profession and an overview of pathways to teaching in Alaska.
Course Schedule: MWF 1:15-3:15pm; T 2-4:00pm

Tutor Counselors
Our TCs are the heart and soul of the dorm! They guide students through RAHI, help with coursework, and serve as role models. 
Logistiscs Coordinator
The logistics coordinator is a live-in position that ensures that the dorm is well stocked, events are prepared for, and students are taken care of.
These are pool recruitments. Please make it clear in your application what you are applying for and email uaf-rahi@alaska.edu once you've completed it so we know who to look for!
To inquire further about these positions, email uaf-rahi@alaska.edu or call (907) 474-6886.